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Oct 30 2006 01:52pm
I donít suggest reading through this entire FAQ unless you want to give me a hand with grammatical errors, or see if I omitted any topics accidentally, in which case, I greatly appreciate PMís regarding either subject.

Character Management Questions Ė

Q: How many characters can I have on my account?
A: 9 characters

Q: What happens if you reroll your character?
A: His level is set back to 1, and his stat points all need to be redistributed. He keeps his gear, his kills/deaths, and his PvP stats.

Q: What starter character class is the best?
A: There is no best starter class; youíre looking for a concrete answer to an abstract question. The only difference in each character is how their starting stats are distributed.

Q: What advantages and disadvantages does each class have?
A: Assuming that you just pour every stat point into the generic stat for your class (dexterity for rogue, vitality for barbarian, strength for fighter, or intelligence for a mage)
Then the advantages and disadvantages are as follows:
+ís: They level quickly, they have the highest damage attacks, they can use any weapon, and they attack first (and run first)
-Ďs: They have very little hp, they often do 0 damage when they donít score a critical hit, theyíre very expensive to maintain.
+ís: They have very high hit points, their armor has good defense, and theyíre very cheap to make.
-Ďs: Leveling is very slow, They often die when both the enemy and the barb are very low on HP.
+ís: They can use any charm, the battles are relatively fast, and they take very little damage when against an opponent who uses magic
-Ďs: They have very little hp, the defense from their armor is negligible, and you have to worry about your HP and your MP.
+ís: They have very consistent damage, they have high hit points, they still have decent defense.
-Ďs: Without +str items, itís very difficult to pack the punch needed to level, you constantly need to upgrade your armor to be the highest plate mail you can wear and still have +str

There are also a couple guides as stickyís: Raralithís guide, and immortalwombatís

Q: ďSo-and-soĒ said it would be better if I put 10 points in vitality before I start putting stat points into one thing, is this true?
A: Slightly tweaking stats can always be helpful, but this is one thing that is purely personal preference. While you gain a bonus 600 hp by the higher levels, the armor bonus doesnít help very much and the damage it takes away from criticals or charm attacks may not be worth it, you need to experiment and see if itís for you.

Q: I donít want to make a cookie-cutter character like everyone else; do you have any other suggestions?
A: Cookie cutter characters are the most common creations for a reason, because theyíre the best balanced characters. But there are plenty of other options. The most common are ďdex barbsĒ and ďint barbsĒ. The reason a lot of people try this is because barbarians can use heavy armor and they start with the highest vitality. Both intelligence and dexterity start very low on a barbarian, so these characters are difficult at the beginning and I wouldnít recommend them if youíre just starting. I personally havenít tried the ďdex-barbĒ but I know in the case of an ďint-barbĒ, itís easy to get what you want for cheap, because not many people want high +int plate mail, or high +int axes.

Q: I want to be a Samurai/Paladin/Monk/Ninja but it isnít on the list, what am I missing?
A: These characters are all unlocked characters. To get them you need to first complete the MQ (See: Master Quest)

Game Mechanics Ė

Q: I keep missing things, but no matter how much dex I have, I keep getting lots of 0ís!
A: Thatís because dexterity doesnít effect how often you hit something, you hit enemies 100% of the time. When you ďhitĒ for 0 damage, itís because the damage you dealt was not enough to overcome the defense of your opponent. The best remedy to this problem is a new weapon(make sure itís as high a level as you can wield with as much EE as youíre willing to pay for).

Q: I have x vitality, but Iím only getting x-20 life each level, why?
A: The vitality you gain from armor doesnít contribute to the level you gain each level, only your base vitality applies.

Q: Why bother getting any items with +vitality if they donít help you?
A: They do help, vitality also increases the defensive properties of armor.

Q: Monsters my level are too easy, but I canít fight monsters higher, is this a bug?
A: You can only fight monsters of your level or lower. This is so people with godly armor canít start fighting level 30 monsters getting 500k xp for each monster.

Q: Is it ever advantageous to fight monsters a lower level then I am?
A: No, everything about a monster is dramatically reduced except his stats. Youíll receive very little xp yield, very few items and theyíll still be hard to kill.

Q: Does EE on my armor/weapon help the damage on my charm?
A: No,
- On Weapons, increases the damage by the % listed
- On Armor, increases the defense by the % listed
- On Charms, increases the spell damage by the % listed

Q: How often do monsters drop items?
A: The drop-rate for monsters equal to the players level is 10% or 1/10th.

Q: How much magic luck do I need to make monsters drop items more often?
A: Magic luck doesnít affect the rate items are dropped, it affects the quality of the items that are dropped.

Q: What does mind numb/critical flux do?
A: The amount of damage your spell does is based on 3 things, your intelligence, your enemies intelligence, and the damage dealt by your charm. The more intelligence your enemy has, the less damage you do. However, if you score a mind numb, it assumes the enemy has 0 intelligence and does more damage. Critical flux works the same way, but only for critical hits, and being instead effected by dexterity.

Marketplace / Inventory Questions Ė

Q: How do I sell an item on the marketplace?
A: First you need to enter the marketplace, when you do an arrow pointed down and to the right will appear by some of your items, clicking this arrow will give you a very self-explanatory prompt for you to sell the item. Thereís a 5% tax that youíll see is mentioned in this prompt. If you sell the item for less then 20 FG, you will not be charged this 5% tax until the item is sold to someone. If you put an item on the marketplace for more then 20 FG, you will be charged upfront, and if any item is not sold in a week, it will be automatically removed from the market and placed back in your inventory. More basic questions regarding items here

Q: How do I get a perm link for an item?
A: refer to the link above for this, as well.

Q: How do I mule my items? I just got a sweet sword on my mage
A: You canít legitimately xfer items. If you want, you can have a friend buy it and sell it back to you, but this always runs the risk that someone will see it and buy it before your buddy does.

Q: What if my inventory is overflowing? I.e. 9/8 items
A: nothing. You canít pick up more items, of course, but no additional penalties are incurred.

Q: How do I unequip an item?
A: You equip another item in its place. Itís impossible to just take off equipment.

Q: Why should I waste my money on regen equipment?
A: Because time is money

Q: What can I do with non-magical items?
A: Take them to the Well of Malevolence

Shrine of Muírakar/Well of Malevolence

Q: Whatís the Well of Malevolence?
A: If you take a non-magical item to the Well of Malevolence, youíll be given an extraordinarily tough monster to kill. If you kill it, youíll get your item back and it will be enchanted(become magical-artifact). The monster has the stats of a monster of your level x1.5, so the higher you get, the more difficult the bosses become.

Q: Whatís the Shrine of Muírakar?
A: you can donate items to the shrine and it will return a certain % of HP to you. Ideal items to offer to the shrine are items with high quality and high magic level. Items with only one of those return low hp, and items with both low return almost 0%. My guess(this is unconfirmed) is that the quality is multiplied by the magic level and that % of HP is returned.

Master Quest/Guild Points/Ladder Resetting Ė

Q: How do I get guild points?
A: You first need to get to level 61, then you can attempt to complete the master quest. If you pass the MQ, you get 10 guild points, if you fail, you still get 1 point.

Q: How do I know if Iím ready for the MQ?
A: You donít! but Iíll say that no amount of decking out your character in uber gear will make you more ready.

Q: Do I get to keep my items after the MQ?
A: Yes, itís just like rerolling your character, whether you pass of fail.

Q: I havenít gotten to the MQ yet, but I want to know what itís like so Iím ready!
A: No you donít, you know enough now, donít risk having it spoiled by asking people what the MQ is like.

Q: What causes the ladder to reset?
A: The ladder resets when someone completes the Master Quest on the same character 6 times, once with each character they have to unlock, and once with one of the starting characters.

Q: Do I get to keep my items when the ladder resets?
A: Yes, the ladder resetting essentially forces everyone to reroll their characters.

Transmuting/Transmutation Ė

Q: I canít transmute anything, wtf?
A: To transmute two items, the two items need to have the same quality, and be of the same type, however, they can have varying magic levels. For further details about transmuting, I suggest you look at ragnaroks guide, itís very extensive and Iím sure you have any questions you have answered if you take the time to read it(or at the very least skim it)


Q: I have a question that you didnít answer in this FAQ!
A: Then please PM me, even if you find the answer from someone else, Iíd like to make this as full and accurate as possible. I'd also like to know if something is difficult to understand. If you're reading this for the purpose of learning about the game and something is hard to understand, please let me know

Q: lol, isnít it ironic that njaguar has that,ĒAny cheating, hacking, botting, macroing, or any other type of automation will result in you being permanently banned from this game, and the site. Don't do it. Either play, or don't.Ē message at the main menu of the game?
A: I fail to see the irony, I personally think it would be enjoyably ironic if Paul wrote, ďCheating, hacking botting, macroing is encouraged, players that foolishly choose to play this game as I intended for it to be played will be laughed at because they canít keep up with everyone else.Ē

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you should bold all the Questions smile.gif

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Quote (7_0_e_s @ Mon, Oct 30 2006, 03:55pm)
you should bold all the Questions smile.gif

And get pinned ?

oh, I like the idea with the questions, but I don't want it pinned, if anyone likes it, they can put it in their profile, or dare I say, their sig? ohmy.gif
But it's mainly just a quick reference for the newer players if they just want to do a quick ctrl-f and find the answer they're looking for
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Very informative , thanks biggrin.gif
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nice job u did biggrin.gif very very interesting
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Nice Work Men ... Very Useful! smile.gif
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good job sean
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good guide Funk. Should help people alot.
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Q: I have x vitality, but Iím only getting x-20 life each level, why?
A: The vitality you gain from armor doesnít contribute to the level you gain each level, only your base vitality applies.

I think you should write "from gear"
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Quote (7_0_e_s @ Mon, 30 Oct 2006, 21:55)
you should bold all the Questions smile.gif

And get pinned ?

i dont think he should get pinned smile.gif
all the newbies dont read pinned topics... they read only normals.... so bump it up into the top 25 all the time biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

btw, good job smile.gif
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