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Diablo II Item Guide

In this guide i will try to explain you how you decide which items are good and which are crap
Rare (yellow) items are the ones making Diablo II so many-faceted and exciting.
The intelligent Itemcreate System generates items with up to 3 prefixes and up to 3 suffixes (affixes).


Amulets are very important for all chars skills are a must for every char
Fcr is very useful for caster but isn't required for many melee chars (examples: some barbs, foh, bowie etc.)
Resistances (@) are very important for all chars

Here an example for a usefull caster amu:

1+ sorc/nec/pala

10 faster cast rate
10 str/dex
40 life/mana
16 cold res
16 light res
30 fire res
16 psn res

Example for good caster amu:

2+ sorc/nec/pala


17 cold res
30 light res
17 fire res
17 psn res

useful adds :
str, dex, mana, ene, life repl,
dmg goes to mana, psn reduce

here an example for a good melee amu:

2+ Barb/Ama/Pala

9-20 str
5-15 dex
30-60 life
18 res all

usefull adds :
goldfind for gf barb (mf too)
ar , min/max dmg , dex , high cr lr fr
life repl , ene , mana life repl etc...


Rare rings are very important for all kind of chars if you're not using uniques like SoJ.
Rings need fcr for caster or high stats for melees.

Example for a usefull caster ring :

10 fcr
25 fire res
20 light res

Example for a good ring :

20 fire res
25 cold res

good adds :
str, dex, life,mana, life repl, ene etc

Example for a good melee ring :

80 ar
10 str
9 dex
20 coldres
21 lightres

One more example for a good melee ring :

4min/max dmg
100 ar
5 str
15 dex
25 fire res
25 cold res

good adds :
life, mana, res, life repl, min/max dmg

Example for a good golfinder ring :

5life leech
30-40extra gold
20-30fire res
20-30light res

good adds :
str, dex, life, other res, life repl, max/min dmg, mana leech etc


Try to aim for high life/def/res and fhr on helms.
They should not have more than 63 str req else they are kinda useless or very hard to sell.

Example for good fhr helm :

10 fhr
30-40 life
20-30 fire res
20-30 cold res

Example for good non fhr helm :

20-30 fire res
20-30 light res
20-30 cold res

good adds :
high ed, ed, mana, one more resi, energyl

prefered / useful types :
cap, mask, crown, bonehelm, great helm, warhead, death mask, grim helm

Example for a good barb helm :

Grimhelm = must

80-100 ed%
5% bonus (perfect add for barb)
or 15-30 ar
30-40 life
maybe resis or fhr but not really needed


Every char needs a good armor. Barbs need ornate plates
and caster or other melee chars just need armors with max 55str req.
Mage plate is one of best armor types if an armor has higher str req
but -req it can be useful. Try to look for "light" armors, all others decrease your run / walk speed.

Example for a good caster armor :

10-24fhr (depends on your build)
20-30fire res
20-30cold res

One more example for good armor :

5-15 str
5-10 dex
40-60 life
20-30 cold res
20-30 light res

Good adds:
life repl, high ed, mana, str,dex, psn reduction

Possible Armortypes:

quited armor, hard leather armor, studded leather
ring mail, scale mail, chain mail, breast plate
splint mail, field plate, light plate, ghost armor
serpentskin armor, demonhide armor, mage plate

Example for a good melee char armor :

mage plate

80-100 ed
30-60 life
5-15 str
20-30 cold res
20-30 ligh res

good adds :
life repl, resis dex, fhr, mana, psn reduction

Example for a good barb armor :

ornate plate only

80-100 ed
20-30 -req ( depends on ur playstyl)
30-60 life

good adds:
5-15str, 5-15dex, psn reduce, mana, fhr and resis are not really needed.


Shields are a must for every char, especially for pala, sorc , nec , bvb barb
shields always should have resis, 30/20 block mod and cute adds and not more than 60str req.
Just barbs are usually using higher ones. Red/blue/white/yellow are the most common colours and
increase the price alot if the stats are good.

Example for good barb shield :

type: pavese or grimshield

85-100 ed
30/20 deflection mod
3-5 max dmg or 3-9 str
resis and fhr are not rly needed

Good adds:
psn reduction (red colour), dmg goes to mana (blue colour), light radius (yellow colour)

Example for a good paladin shield :

1/2+ paladin
30/20 deflection mod
16-20 res all
maybe a single res

good adds:
str, life repl, mana, dmg goes to mana, psn reduction, fhr

Example for good sorc shield:

30/20 deflection mod (not rly needed vs casters)
16-20 res all
maybe single res

good adds:
str, life repl, mana, dmg goes to mana, psn reduction


Boots are needed on every char and should have frw,
fhr and alot resis and maybe adds like life repl or dex or mana.
Boots over 50str req are kinda useless for caster and just needed
for goldfind barbs or maybe high def/str paladins.

Example for good gf boots :

10-30 rw
maybe 10fhr or 5-9dex
20-40 fire res
20-40 light res
60-80 gold find

good adds:
mf, psn res, life repl

Example for good boots :

20-30 run
5-9 dex or 10fhr
30-40 cold res
30-40 light res

good adds:
mana, life repl, fire res


Belts should have not more than 45str req. Best types are sharskin and demonhide belts.
You should aim for alot res on the belt and fhr, life, maybe str or life repl.

Example for good belt :

10 fhr
15 str
40 life
20 fire res
27 light res

Example for very good belt :

24 fhr
5-9 life repl
50 life
20 cold res
18 light res
19 fire res

Example for good goldfind belt :

10-20 str
30-60 life
20-30 fire res
20-30 light res
50-80 goldfind

good adds:
high ed, psn res, fhr, life repl


Rare gloves are mostly useful for foh palas, barbs or some special sorc builds.
Other chars mostly use frostburn or magefists.
You should look for str, dex and a lot res on gloves and low str req.

Example for good foh gloves :

6 str
9 dex
20-30 fire res
20-30 ligh res
20-30 cold res

Example for good barb gloves :

80-100 ed
5-9 str
8-15 str
typss: heavy bracers, battle gauntlets, war gauntlets

good adds:
resis, life / mana leech, life repl, mana

Example for good caster gloves :

8 str
5-15 dex
4 life repl
30-40 mana
20-30 fire res
20-30 cold res

Weapons are a must for barbs and you should look for these types:
Naga, Tabar, Ancient axe, Battle hammer, Martel de fer, Ancient sword,
Executioner sword, Lance, Grim Scythe, Bec-De-Corbin. Other types are kinda useless.
On weapons high ed (140-200) is very important and nice adds are life, min/max dmg, skills,
ele dmg, high ar, maybe ias for smite/zeal, -req if needed.

Example for a usefull barb weapon :

150 ar
140 ed
min or max dmg

Example for a good executer / battle hammer (bvb weap) :

160 ed
10 max dmg
200 ar
-20 req


Scepters are important for fohs and hammerdins and should have 2+ and some automods like:
medi, conc, conv, holy shield, hammer and maybe fcr if needed. Resistance and life or ias for fohs / smiters.
(magic szepters are often much better then rares)

Example for a usefull paladin scepter :

+ 2pala
10 fcr
2 concentration

Example for a good paladin scepter :

+2 pala
10 fcr
+3 blessed hammer
20 coldres

nice adds:
1-3conc, medi, life repl, str, mana, life, resis

Example for a good foh / smite weapon :

2+ pala
20-40 ias
20-40 life
5-15 str
cold or light res

Adds like:
life repl, high ed, palamods, mana, etc.

Best weapon type for foh / smite is a flail (highest ias speed)


Wands are a must for necro but can be useful for sorceress too.
You should look for +2 nec 20fcr, nice mods and resis.
Sorc wands should have 20fcr alot resis and maybe nice mana or life repl

Example for nice nec wand :

2+ necro
20 fcr
1-3 bone spear
1-3 iron maiden
20-40 cold res

nice adds :
high res, life repl, high mana or energy and other nice automods

Example for nice sorc wand :

20 fcr
4 life repl
30-40 coldres
30-40 lightres
30-40 fire res

nice adds:
high mana or energy


Last but not least: Sorc staffs are totally useless in lod but not in classic.
You should search for +2 sorc and nice adds like +3 blizz or +3 fb or +3 light,
20fcr and some mana or resis or precast staffs with 2+ sorc 3 es and maybe
any ice armor

Example for good sorc staff :

+2 sorc
20 fcr
+3 light / blizz / fb

Adds like
mana, energy, life repl, resis and some automods like es or ench.

Example for good precast staff :

+2 sorc
3 es
1-3 shiver armor

Good adds:
1-3 ench, 1-3 chilling armor, 1-3 thunderstorm


Stone of Jordan (used for sox items)
Nail Ring ( maybe for mf but 3x mf magic rings are better)
The Mahim-Oak Curio (useable for low lvl chars and at beginning of ladder)
Tarnhelm 40-50mf (good for gf/mf)
Wormskull (good for pvm necromancer)
Blinkbat's Form (nice fhr armor usefull for barbs)
Twitchthroe (kinda usefull on all chars which needs block !)
Darkglow (very cool vs caster at pvp )
Hawkmail ( very good for stacking cold res at pvp)
Rattlecage ( good for barbs)
Goldskin (usefull for sorces barbs and palas)
Silks of the Victor ( good for prebo at barb)
Steelclash ( good at beginning of ladder )
Swordback Hold ( very nice for twich build with barb)
Wall of the Eyeless ( very cool for casters who needs fcr)
The ward ( cool res shield very usefull for pvm)
Bloodfists (good if you need fhr and mass life)
Chance Guards (perfect mf/gf gloves)
MageFists (perfect for all caster!)
Frostburn (perfect for es soso┬┤s)
Hotspurs (best item for stacking fire res at pvm/pvp)
Golbin Toe ( best bvb boots)
Tearhaunch (good at beginning of the ladder for paladin)
Lenymo ( very rare and usefull on some casters)
Nightsmoke (cool at beginning of the ladder)
Goldwrap (good gf belt if you dont got nice rare belt)
Gull (best mf weapon 100mf!)
The Patriarch (best gf weapon 100gf!)
Spectral Shard (best weap for all caster)
Raven Claw ( best weap for lvling with ench!)
Bonesnap/Steeldriver ( cool at beginning of ladder)

If you dont know all uniques take a look here :



Death set - gloves+ belt (good for ama)
Cleglaw set - gloves + weapon (good for bvb)
Berserker set - armor ( for prebo at barb)
Angelic set - Rings + Amulet ( for barb)
Irathas set - Full set (usefull for barbs sorces etc)
Sigon set - Shield (very cool got 1+)

If you dont know all sets take a look here :

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