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How to Download Warcraft III Without a CD

How to Download Wc3 Without a CD
    This guide will show you how to download Warcraft III without the need of a CD. Just follow the instructions and you will easily be able to get your very own Wc3.

What You Need
    • An Unregistered Warcraft III Cd-Key
    • A Blizzard Account

Downloading Warcraft III

1) First go to the following url: www.battle.net.
2) You will see the follow image below. Click on "Create or Manage a Battle.net Account"

3) Once registered, sign onto your account and you will see an option to "Add or Upgrade a Game"

4) Add your Warcraft III Cdkey in the box provided.
5) Go to your newly added game, in your game page, and click on "Manage Game"
6) Download the correct Client for your computer. (Pc or Mac)
7) Remember, this is just the client. After the client has finished installing, load it and install the game to a designated folder of your choosing. (usually Warcraft III)

P.S. If you are asked for a 26 character key, that can be located in your game folder directly above where you download the designated games client.

Hope this guide helps.

This process also works with Diablo II and Starcraft.

You can also use the Diablo II No-Cd Download Guide for additional reference.
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