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#1 Jan 26 2010 06:41pm
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Please remain friendly throughout your discussion and remember all Forum Rules apply here. Additional rules below.

  • As of August 4th, 2018 it is allowable to create ISO topics in all blizzard trading forums for games/items that can be gifted through the battle.net store. More information here. This means that creating a FT topic is not allowed and considered an illegal trade. You may however still make a post to sell a physical copy of the game in the Donor Forum
  • No trading of accounts, Xbox Live subscription cards, PlayStation Cards, Codes of exclusive game/downloadable content. (This includes double exp codes)
  • No discussion of how to mod your console/pc or its accessories in any manner that promotes piracy or pertains to the ability to cheat or hack in online multiplayer games.
  • 10th prestige lobbies are NOT allowed to be discussed here in any way. Do not make topics about them.

Please note that doing any of the above via PM is not allowed and can result in warns or other punishment.

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