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Dec 16 2009 11:49am
Hi Guys, another new version!

Here are some of the changes/addons in this version:
- Female characters have been added! You may choose female when creating a new character. On any existing character pre 1.18, you may type (once) /sex 2 to change your character into a female. This command is permanent!
- All character faces have been updated
- Various item graphics updates
- Increased odds of finding totems in catacombs
- Extra Items Slots stat renamed to Extra Equipment Slots

- Selling items on the Market is now account based instead of character based.
--- There is a max 10 items that you may sell at a time, unless selling an item 20fg or higher in price. There is currently no limit to the amount of items at this price that you may sell.
--- When an item expires off the market, you must manually go to the market and remove it from the market with one of your characters.
--- ** Dying in HC no longer loses items on the market from a character

- Fixed a display bug with selling/changing prices of items on the market
- Fixed a display issue with the Master Quest
- Increased Fish Stack Sizes (doubled from previous sizes)
- You can now stack uncooked fishes (cooking a stack of uncooked fish will remove 1 each time). This will allow you to fish for longer periods of time without having to stop and cook.

- Magical Defense is now visible and affected by armor type as follows:
--- Robes have base 6 magical defense, Padded have 5, etc through Plate has 1 base. Enhanced Effect increases Magical Defense and Physical Defense.
--- Magical Defense is increased/modified by Intelligence
- Armor Pierce now works for Offensive Charms
- Critical Strike now works for Offensive Charms
- Charm costs have been reduced to +8 MP per tier (5, 13, 21, 29, etc)
- Mana Syphon recovery range has been doubled (2 to mana cost)

Will post more asap, trying to get everything updated..
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