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What is an RPG?
    • The Abbreviation RPG stands for Role Playing Game

    • A RPG is "a game in which players take on the roles of imaginary characters, usually in a setting created by a referee, and thereby vicariously experience the imagined adventures of these characters.''

Different Types of RPGs
    • Computer Role playing Games
      A Computer Role playing Game is a broad video game genre originally developed for personal computers and other home computers. While technically not a separate genre, and sharing the same defining characteristics as console RPGs, there are nonetheless general tendencies that make them distinct from RPGs on other platforms. Computer RPGs can sometimes be referred to as MMORPGs which stands for Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game located Here
    • Video Games Roleplaying
      Generally, the player controls a small number of game characters, usually called a party, and achieves victory by completing a series of quests. Players explore a game world, while solving puzzles and engaging in tactical combat. A key feature of the genre is that characters grow in power and abilities, and characters are typically designed by the player. RPGs rarely challenge a player's physical coordination, with the exception of action role-playing games.

        • Final Fantasy
        • Kingdom Hearts
        • Legend of Dragoon
        • Zelda
        • Skies of Arcadia

    • Narrative or Table-Top RPGs
      These games are played with the players sitting around in a comfortable setting (possibly around a table but not neccessarily), usually with one person acting as the game moderator. The players declare their actions by narration. Example: They describe what their characters are doing or speak what their characters are saying, and the moderator describes the results or responses within the fictional game-world. This category includes games such as Dungeons & Dragons, along with many other commercial games.

    • Live-Action Role-playing (LARP) or Interactive Literature
      This is a general term for RPGs where the players move about an area larger than a room. The players will wander about and interact with each other on their own, usually without a moderator or referee present. This limits what they can do to actions resolvable between two people. The players don't neccessarily act out everything their characters do, although some games provide for such possibilities. For example, combat may be resolved between players by abstract rules, or it may be actually acted out within rules using safety-padded mock weapons. This category includes the live-action vampire game Mind's Eye Theatre as well as numerous others.
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