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Aug 21 2009 07:28pm
Kickassjoe and DiabeticKnight's Ladder Slasher Toolbox

Toolbox links:

Firefox and Google Chrome:


Internet Explorer:

The Ladder Slasher Toolbox was created by Kickassjoe and DiabeticKnight. We hope that it provides the Ladder Slasher community with utilities that will help their experience while playing.

Currently the Toolbox contains three programs:
  • The Ladder Slasher Guild Search
  • An Enhanced Effect Calculator
  • The Ladder Slasher Tier Search

The Programs

The Ladder Slasher Guild Search

The Ladder Slasher Guild Search is a program that allows the user to view how many players within a guild are in the various Top 50 Ladders.

Essentially this search will allow you to see how many spots a guild holds on the Ladder Slasher ladders.
In the example above for instance, it shows the guild has 4 ladder slasher characters within the top 50 softcore sword proficiency ladder.

To use it, all you have to do is enter the full guild name in the box provided, and then click the "search!" button or press enter.
It sometimes takes a few seconds to search, so give it a little time.

The Enhanced Effect Calculator

The Enhanced Effect Calculator will allow the user to compare the %EE of an item at a tier to it's equivalent on another tier.

This will allow the user to figure out how much the enhanced effect % degrades as they progress through the item tiers, or could help them evaluate what to buy when getting higher-tiered items.

To use the program, select the tier of item in the drop-down menu under "Starting Tier" and then select the desired comparison tier in the drop-down menu under "Ending Tier".
Then enter the current enhanced effect % value under "Starting EE" and hit the "Compare!" button or hit enter. The program will calculate the equivalent EE up to 2 decimal places.

The Ladder Slasher Tier Search

The Ladder Slasher Tier Search is a program developed with muters and glyphers in mind primarily. It is a tool that will display the prefix, such as "ultimanium, tattered, godwood, etc" of items for each tier.

To use the Tier Search, simply choose the desired tier from the drop down menu and it will display the material/prefix of every weapon, armor, and charms/fish.

What to expect in the next version:
A Max Stats Per Tier Database

We hope you all enjoy this program and hope it aids in your Ladder Slasher experience.
We plan to incorporate new programs in future versions of the toolbox, if you have any ideas of what you would like to see added to the toolbox, constructive feedback, or questions pertaining to the toolbox; please PM DiabeticKnight or Kickassjoe.

We would like to thank the guild members of Off the Mark, przy, hapycmpr, prophet785 and dialupsucks123 for their help with beta testing the program. :)

And yes, this was approved by njaguar. ^_^

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Aug 21 2009 07:29pm
wow nice :)!

Edit: First

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Aug 21 2009 07:30pm
Nice Andrew.
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Aug 21 2009 07:30pm
good work joe, good graphics dk!
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Aug 21 2009 07:32pm
Quote (Moojilsuh @ Fri, Aug 21 2009, 08:30pm)
good work joe, good graphics dk!


Hope it helps everyone :) .
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Aug 21 2009 07:33pm
:hug: Ossum!

Quote (MutedDrama @ Fri, Aug 21 2009, 09:35pm)
donated to joe because dk pays him like a mexican


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Aug 21 2009 07:34pm
the IE version isn't letting me type my guild name in, or check any of the boxes
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Aug 21 2009 07:34pm
Very neat program ;)
Enjoy using this. :hug:
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Aug 21 2009 07:35pm
Quote (kickassjoe @ Fri, Aug 21 2009, 08:32pm)

Hope it helps everyone :) .

nice nice


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Aug 21 2009 07:35pm
Very nice job Andrew and joe

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