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titan Hardcore Melee, non Caster Sorc in crap gear?
hell pwned!


Well to the nay-sayers. Allpoints Started her life out with a handme-down sig set that has been in the family for many years. Pumping Strength every level, Ive never had to worry about damage. Normal was was easy going except for diablo. That hose of death almost spelled deeds, but in the end my kung-fu was superior to his. Never discount static and massive maul to save the day.

level 15 I used a Ith'd 60's eth great maul
level 24 I went to bonesnap.
level 30-65 I up'd the bonesnap and it got me thru nightmare.
At level 65 I assembled a silence thundermaul

Once Nightmare hit, I had already equipped hefty pdr armor , so nothing but poison and a few le's were able to touch me with damage. Because I have such low life, anytime I get poisoned it almost instantly drains me out.

Chaos was a tricky affair with many merc revives. Name of the game was telestomp the ok's and walk the monsters back to I could bash em. Telestomp , 1 point in glacier spike and static ftw.

Ive just entered Hell and beat act1. Hell has proven substantially harder. I no longer have enough pdr to negate damage. Ive recently hit level 71 and dug out a Rare Bezerker Axe. It has 60ias (quickness mod +sheal) and Fools mod with huge AR. this allows me to ditch Angelics ammy and ring for another pdr ammy (24) and two Dwarfstar rings (80 life 30firesorb and 28mdr). I havent adventured with this setup yet, but it should keep me a bit safer.

Here's some pics
With my Blessed Aim merc

Everyone in channel has been so helpful They found my maul, chipped in some sols that's ive used on a couple pdr armors and Gave me this Ornate:

These Gloves are a real treat. 9 dex always helps, but the main appeal is the Inner sight charges. Ive used these fighting bosses. It reduces enemy's defense 115% , which increases my chance to hit greatly.

This Pdr hat has lived on several chars of mine. Nothing here but good ol'fashioned Damage reduction.

And here's the Silence Thunder Maul I'm using. The res are so important and ive found the massive mana leach I have helps me tank.

rest of my gear includes a 11% string of ears belt , Hotspurs boots. and Angelic ring and ammy. Eth gerke's shield with occy.

So I'll keep pushing on to see how far I get. I get alot of wtf in pub games when I join them. "Do you really have all your points in str" ... "yes" then I get "why would you want to do that? " :thumbsup:

Skillwise I'm

20 Warmth
20 firemastry
20 Tk
1 in all cold armors
working on maxing 20 ES . Casted at about 60% sorb.

Not sure where I'll put the rest of my points. Probably Lightmastry , Frozen armor or Firewall. (heck even frozen orb might work.

I did mess around with a kingslayer axe, the damage and ar was better. It also killed bosses much faster. The only problem was the lack or res, and Axes not taking advantage of all my str. The physical damage on both were about the same even though the ed% on silence was less. If I wasnt making a titan, then I think Kingslayer would be superior.


Quote (Alkanine;1482360)
Yes thats right the titan sorc.  All of your dreams can be aquired with this build.  Instead of dodging attacks take them like a ... well a .. WOMAN!  Not only will you dominate the walks of life on the earth you will CRUSH.  You will constantly chant 3 words while roaming the world of diablo.  ME WILL CRUSH

1.Not a cookie cutter
2.You probally will die (alot)
3.To much fun to handle

Lets get down with the fun shall we.
Heres the basic Field of skills
20 into warmth
20 into enchant
20 into fire mastery

There is about 20 more points to put into this sorc before it becomes streneous to level in my opinion so you can use those however youd like.  Get creative use the extra 20 to make your titan unique 

Stat points...

LOL why the hell do you need to know this one?? 
every level you should apply stats like this
+5 str
+0 vit
+0 dex
+0 egy

Well that was easy.  (warning) putting 1 point into anything else will make you a demi TITAN sorc we dont want that now do we  ^_^

Well now that we got the basic drable down lets discuss equipment.


Your probally wondering um alk what do we do at a low level.  Well theres quite a few ways to become a goddess when your low.

First off if you can try to get a hell forge hammer from the hell forge with a diffrent char and then putting it on your sorc it has no requirments and is very easy to get.  Lots of damage too its a very good starting weapon.
for untwinked players and people who just dont care.  A nice 2 handed axe will do you may have to get around 3-5 levels to get the STR to start using the big axes and so on but in time youll have those big babies  o_O.

How Do I Beat the Game?!?! :yawn:  (equipment for later levels at bottom)

Using these axes linked with maxing STR should get you through normal act 1 quite easily there may be times when it gets sort of hard but if you max str it shouldnt be to hard to get a nice average defense.

In act 2 you should adjust your equipment to the best weapons in that act at this point your str will have a nice bonus to your damage.  If your twinking weapons with a good base or +damge per level are good as well.

the rest of the acts should naturally come to you and be played as the other ones.  Dont be afraid to use a shield at first to live and then later switch to your fav titan weapon. We all start somewhere right  "_"

You should find act bosses actually die rather fast.  As will you too!  So to counter this either have a nice rack of potions at hand or a nice bit of leech.  Youll find that in normal leeching with massive damage can really help . 

Wow ALK normal was easy but what about the other ones!?!?

Well this is where it gets fun.  For you non twinkers it gets a bit hard but fun as well kinda wierd =P.  First of all if you dont have a good weapon that youve xfered or found update your weapon with a more damaging one in nightmare.  You might be around level 27-40 when you get to nightmare depending on how you did the rest of normal.

At this point your STR will be pretty high so the weapons there will do you good.  Also Defense is key to living just a bit longer so upgrade that armor as well.  Youll find the act 1 monsters wont be to hard in nightmare untill you get around dark woods area.

Overall andy shouldnt be hard as long as you get rid of her little minions first.  Without them stunning you youll be able to hit alot more and knock her hp off. 

When in act 2 repeat the same thing you did in act 1.  The only problem here is undead are annoying as crap and duriel has been beefed up beyond stupid  .  Suggested as much psn/cold resis as you can get in this act.  Charms or even magical armor can usually cover this just try to get it around 40-50% psn resis because without it youll have trouble.

During duriel hopefully enchant added to your str and your titan wapon will be able to dispose of him if not chug the potions and keep trying remember TPs mean infinite trys 

The other acts will pretty much be similar to normal other then resis will be terrible.  So if you can get those up usually you wont have to much trouble.

Act 5 minions wont be easy but if you leveled up correctly you should be around level 60? at this point your enchant will do loads.  Not to mention you should have a good weapon by now if not try mfing for one better. 

Hey ALK you wont belive it I passed NIGHTMARE but OMG HELL!?!? o_O

Yes hell the difficulty that makes us cry and cheer.

I would suggest that only well equpied non twinkers enter this difficulty.  Even with enchant some monsters will be difficult.  Your resis will also fall into the crapper without nice gear.  Still it is possible.  With the conjunction of enchant and high damage if you have a decent weapon hell is doable.  It may be hard but it is possible.  I have gone to act 3 with my titan sorc but shes twinked im still working to get to act 4 but im pretty sure ill be able to do it.  For non twinkers it should be a bit harder but YOU MUST BELIVE!

A high defense armor that has some kind of life bonus does good.  It can also be armor socketed with rubys that works too. This will keep your defense and life high wich should do what armor is supposed to do Keep you alive and ticking :evil:  heres some suggestions might be.
1.shafts ( DR and high defense with +60 hp very nice )
2.najs ( +1 skills high defense and life very nice again  )
3.other ( mods with life)(gems/jewls )

A 2 handed weapon is suggested for the titan build but one hands are also acceptable but the shield you use probally wont be good with base dex.  Even with item bonuses. some Suggestions might be.
1.Rib Cracker/Tree stump/Wind hammer ( massive damage mauls )
2.Hellslayer/bone hew( if you have good item dex ) ( massive damage axes )
3.Other high damage mauls and 2 hand weapons  ( massive damage whatevers )

Up to you really I wouldnt use one but heres some ideas.
1.Storm guild ( just a few good mods )
2.high defense ones
3.Plus to life ones

YAy these are fun and easy to find.  Lots of helmets can make this category very variable heres just a few of my suggestions.
1.vampire gaze ( DR/LEECH/high defense )
2.Rock stopper ( DR/damage )
3.hp/damage/High defense mod helms work too

These are usually where youll get any run walk from other then charms.  They can also give nice bonuses.  Heres just a few I suggest.
1.War travs ( nice damage here )
2.Water walks ( dex and hp )
3.Boots with average run walk and or Hp mods damage mods STR DEX mods are nice. Any of those mods work and are real nice if you have atleast 2 of them.

heres another intresting category and a few more suggestions.
1.Razor tail ( deffintely suggested high defense and +10 max damage )
2.String of ears ( DR and other good mods )
3.HP/high defense mods

Now we can start to either Increase attack speed nicely or just get more mods from our gloves.  A few ideas are.
1.Blood fists ( cheap high FHR HP Faster attack what more could you ask for? )
2.Magnus gloves ( nice Faster attack )
3.Attack speed/Hp/Hit recovery mods

These are tottaly up to you but I have a few suggestions for rings to use.
1.2 Angels ( LOTS AND LOTS OF AR go from 784 AR to 2800 easy also +40 hp )
2.1 Raven 1 Dwarf ( fire and ice resis no freeze more hp and dex very good combos togeather. )
3.Any mods that seem to help mainly AR would be nice.

Once again a catergory for you to choose from with lots of choices heres a few I like.
1.Highlords ( ya right but its nice )
2.cats eye ( love the speed mods )
3.Angelic amy ( +75 to life with the rings on = cool =  yay )
4.any good mod ones

Hope I didnt miss anything

Remember these are suggestions feel free to use anything that you find that is uber cool or just works ^_^.


wow you really are as crazy as me ok fine ill tell you what I can ^)_(^

Heres some basic guides nothing real special though.


Titans:hard to find them oh well

Melee:bash thier heads in show them whos the real meleer around here.

ICE:the key here is you can both probally kill eachother in one hit try to get the first hit on them if they have tons of hp and 75% block it may be quite hard to hit them though.  I suggest only fighting ones that dont have max block then you have atleast  chance to bash their heads in.

Fire:Same as ice except if your in a pubby duel they may not be able to aim thier attacks this gives you a chance to get a hit off.

Lighting:same as cold almost.

Necros:these guys will probally give you some trouble

Melee:bash thier heads in teach them your the master of melee.

Psn:get any resis you can and reduction really helps.

Bone:unless you can get a hit off your in trouble here =/.  All I can say is try to hit them and hope for them to be stupid.

Barbs:eww your worst enemys

Titans:these are the original titans they wont lose to a mere titan sorc but if your built good and have uber items it just might be possible.  One thing you can do is walk away so they run after you then hit them immediatly after thier Defense will be 0 on this hit.

Concs:sigh try your best dont expect to win though.

WW:If they use no shield it should be minory easy to kill them even during a WW. Other wise itll be alittle hard.

Zons:these guys are versitial their builds change like crazy.

Bows:minorly difficult just try to get a hit off hide behind stuff if you have to.

Jab:these guys will tear you up before you can even hit them good luck =(

Elemental:The lighting damage on these is just uncomparable high resis and absorb are your only hope but then they may start to jab you to death.

Assns:These guys can be from Easy to imposible depending on how smart they are and thier build.

Titans:yes there is titan assns.  Do not let them releash a 3 charge on you I repeat do not you will get chunked like a piece of poop.  Best to either kill them in one hit or run when they get 3 circles untill it disapears and continue to attack.

Traps:If they mindblast you enough theres not much you can do =/

Melee:these are pretty tough if they use block but usually have relatively low hp.  If you can get past thier shields usually youll have a chance just pray you get that 25% chance.  Also dont let them 3 strike you with TS.

Druids:druids are usually underated well the melee ones anyways but these guys can be dangerous.

Melee:if its a bear with a good build your probally dead.  A wolf with a good build is possible but fat chance.  Your best bet is to hope they dont use block so you can get those good hits off.  The bad part is that druids have lots of hp in shape mode so one hits will occur less often.

Elemental: Oh jee tornado=you=dead.  Sorry guys havent found a way to beat these effectively yet.

Summoners: Show these guys how well you pvm by slaughtering their minions.

Paladin:I dont like these guys =P

Charger:Put on walk all the time if your running charge will always hit you.  Try to go into corners if you have to to stop the knock back.  sometimes chargers will have low hp so you can still get a chance.

FOH:good luck without max light resis.  They will tear you apart.  Best bet is to hope for that 25% luck.

Hammerdin:no comment

Zealot:zealots will usually tear you apart but I find if you can make them run after you while you walk away sometimes you can turn the tables.  Their hp is usually quite low so with enough damage you may be able to knock em.

Well thats all for the guide so FAR!  ENJOY YOUR EXCLUSIVE TITAN SORC AND HAVE THE JOY AND HAPPINESS OF BEING (cool) :buddies:

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Aug 18 2009 07:15pm

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Quote (sparky204 @ Tue, Aug 18 2009, 08:15pm)
i should show you my bear sorc.

Ive got 5 of them, ez pz (all different)

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called a chanter?
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ever make a berserker paladin?
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you mad bro?
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Quote (laser_king @ Tue, Aug 18 2009, 08:17pm)
called a chanter?

nope, no points in chant (well 1). borrowed free 21 chant from obediance.

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wow thats one hell of a wall of text
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Quote (monsterr @ Tue, Aug 18 2009, 08:17pm)
you mad bro?

nope. projecting much?

zerk pallies are decent/fun builds. zeal barbs are also kewl w/passion. the flee is annoying. taunt/warcry helps this
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