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Jul 22 2009 03:09am
Ladder Slasher Signature Creator

1. Creating
http://www.ls.dunaicapa.hu/ (start new button)

**First of all I would like to note that the dinamic signatures are stored on my own web server and therefore they could get deleted without any notice.

1.1. You will need the URL adress of you character’s profile in the following form.

1.2. On the second page you need to insert the link of your chosen background picture. The suggested file sharing sites are listed on the main page.
The signatures must not violate the signature rules , or else they will get deleted.
Supported image types:
  • JPG
  • GIF *non animated
  • PNG

1.3. On this page you may add you character’s stats on the picture

* The changes will be visible after pressing the „build” button.
The reset button changes back your signature to it’s original state, so be careful.

1.3.1. MQ bar
MQ bar can be choosen in the first (grey bacground) line as seen above
The horizontal switch grants you the ability to modify the direction of the MQ bar growth.
From left to right (on) or from bottom to top (off)

Transparency: 0=fully visible, 99= almost invisible
color: Supports the same words as bbcode does (lightblue, etc) and hex codes too ( http://www.colorsontheweb.com/colorwizard.asp )

1.3.2. Text objects

The procedure of editing is shown on the picture above.
Pressing the „+” button will enable you to add a new text object to the picture, the „–„ does the opposite: removes the last one.
Rotatation field: plus = CW, minus = CCW
Color and transparency works the same way as mqbar's

* You can request new fonts in this topic (not by pm)!
Only ttf extension is supported, and the size must not exceed 100kb.

The variables of your character work similarly to the bb codes,
the program recognises the undermentioned ones.

[name]  - character name
[core]  - „Softcore” / „Hardcore”
[class] - 'none'/ 'Fighter',/ 'Barbarian'/ 'Rogue'/ 'Magician'/ 'Guardian'/ 'Samurai'/ 'Paladin'/ 'Monk'/ 'Ninja'/ 'Warlock'/ 'Headhunter'/ 'Alchemist'
[level] - level
[exp]   - experience (mill/lvl)
[kil]   - kills
[dea]   - deaths
[str]   - strangth stat
[dex]   - dexterity stat
[vit]   - vitality stat
[hpm]   - max health point
[mpm]   - max mana point
[mqa]   - mq attempts
[mqp]   - mq passes
[tomq]  - integer: x % to mq

Prificiencies: shows the actual level of your prof
weapons: [sword], [club], [axe], [dagger], [staff], [longsword], [warhammer], [battleaxe], [spear], [polearm]
charms:  [ice], [fire], [light], [wind], [earth], [wild], [heal], [focused]
skills:  [fish], [cook], [glyph], [mute]

Pressing the „finish” button ends the process. If you are done with your signature you can confirm it on the next page by pressing the button again.

If you haven’t made any mistakes (and neither have I :D) then the information about your signiture will be saved in the database.
* You will receive a code, that you should not forget since later on you will need this should you want to edit your signature.

2. Editing
The „insert code here” marks the place where you should enter your previously assigned code.

Why is it so slow?
The picture itself isn’t stored on the server, so every time you load it,the signature generator program downloads and modifies it. This slows down the process.
  • The faster image hosting server you use, the faster the picture will load. The suggested servers are listed on the main page.
  • The smaller picture you use the faster it will load.
  • If the invariant texts (and the frame of the MQ bar) is part of the main picture, the generator needs to work less
    ( example: http://www.ls.dunaicapa.hu/bg.jpg )

* Error reportings and suggestions are welcome
* Layout optimized for Firefox, don't care bout others
* Possible coming features
  • export standalone .php for php4
  • export standalone .php for php5

Translated by beni
Approved by Mork
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Jul 22 2009 03:10am
Ty man really much for adding this awesome feature :)

This post was edited by _Mork_ on Jul 22 2009 03:10am
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Jul 22 2009 03:10am
Nice guide, will have to try this myself tommorow, thanks.
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Jul 22 2009 03:12am
nice guide, gonna try this
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Jul 22 2009 03:18am
ppl its not a guide..
its a program

and a fast ++ easy


this is just a example of what you can do in 3mins with a not related image without ANY skill whatsoever xD

This post was edited by _Mork_ on Jul 22 2009 03:19am
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Jul 22 2009 03:22am
I liked it, now I only need a signature so I can post on part 1.2

Thanks dunaicapa!
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Jul 22 2009 03:25am
My signature: (Click it ;) )

This post was edited by MinatoNamikaze on Jul 22 2009 03:43am
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Jul 22 2009 03:26am
awesome !

i will try to make another sig later, if i ever find the motivation to try it ;)
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Jul 22 2009 04:01am
Pretty neat.

Gave it a test run.
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Jul 22 2009 04:04am
wow, you are awesome :D

e/ tested it and works absolutely great!

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