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Jun 15 2009 12:20pm

To fish, you must visit the Fishing Pond. Once there, you have the option to select your fishing rod and equip it, but it is not required, as njaguar stocked up on them before the release. You can simply click [Go Fishing] and a fish will spawn right away. You will see two red bars as soon as you spawn a fish. The top bar is your fishing rod's health, in a sense (I believe it would be more accurate to call it durability, but whatever). The bar below is the fish's health. If your rod's health runs out before the fish's, your rod will break and the fish will get away, so be careful! It's okay for your loaner rod to break, but if you actually have your own rod and you let it snap it is gone for good.
You may be having trouble getting the fish's health down before your own. This is where a bit of skill comes into play. Every so often, the word "SNAG" will appear above the top bar. When this happens, you simply click the [Snag Counter] button. There is a bit of timing needed but it's not that hard to figure out. Just experiment a bit.
Here's a tip:
While fishing, DO NOT CLICK RAPIDLY. This will cause recklessness and you'll be more prone to miss those "SNAG" opportunities.
Play it slow - take turns attacking the fish. Click the bar once, and then wait for the fish to attack. Click again, then let him attack. ...and so on.
If you do this, you'll be more ready for the "SNAG." Now when you see that word pop up, you'll have plenty time to click the [Snag Counter] button.
Rinse and repeat. :)

...as for what level fish you should be attempting to catch, simply do whatever you have the most success with. With no rank in your proficiency, you can probably only fish successfully up to a level two fish (...but you could try a higher level if you wish).


Level 1-4 fish can have stats with up to a maximum of 50 life, mana, or life and mana combined.
Ex. Magica sardinel fish - Recovers 50 Mana
Level 5-9 fish can have stats with up to a maximum of 100 life, mana, or life and mana combined.
Ex. Magical herring fish - Recovers 95 life
etc., etc.
Note: Fish can also spawn monsters (I think the monster level is equivalent to the level fish you are trying to catch).
Note #2: Fish can also spawn items (I'm not sure what all they can spawn, but so far I've gotten nothing but crap).

Plain fishing rods - fishing rods without magical properties - are much better than using a loaner rod so treat them with care. It's better to run away and not catch a fish than it is to play it risky and possibly snap your rod.
Fishing rods with magical properties can spawn a modifier that adds durability to the rod.
Durability is NOT the number of times that the rod can snap before it is gone for good. That was a myth when fishing was a new release but has been proven to be incorrect. Durability makes it easier to catch a fish because your rod's health goes down at a slower pace depending on how much your rod has.

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