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Jun 11 2009 07:14pm
So you want to stack fish?

Over the past few weeks I have noticed more and more people asking about the concept of "stacking fish". This guide will tell you all about this process, and hopefully simplify it for you.

Stacking is simply "stacking" fish on top of one another, or combining the stats of one fish with another. This allows you to use more life/mana at one point, as well as take up a lot less space in your inventory.

First, we need to understand the stacking chart -

What does Tier 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc... mean?
Tier is the type of fish you are fishing for. The tier level goes up every 5 levels of fish you attempt to catch.

List of fish tiers -

Now that we have an understanding as to what the "Tier" part of the chart means, let's get to know the "Rank" part of the chart.

On the left column of the chart their is a Ranking starting with rank 0 and ending with rank 69. This is YOUR proficiency level.


So to better understand how the chart is used when adding up fish stacks, here is an example.

* You can only stack the same tier (or type) of fish with one another. You cannot stack Sardines with Herring! They have to be the same. You can stack mana fish with health fish as long as they are the same type of fish (Tier).

~* Cooking *~

Your cooking proficiency plays a big role in stacking fish. To find out how many fish you can stack using your cooking proficiency, you simply use the SAME chart as the fish stacking chart.

Example -

If you have a level 2 cooking proficiency, you would look on the left side of the chart, and find your stacking numbers.

Level 2 cooking proficiency can stack +2, Tier 1 fish. (As you level your proficiency in cooking, refer to the chart for your next "Level", the same way you would when you level your fishing proficiency)

Cooking and Fishing combine!

What does that mean?

If you have a level 3 fishing proficiency then your stacking numbers will look like this -
Tier 1 - +3
Tier 2 - +1

If you have a level 2 cooking proficiency, then your stacking numbers will look like this - (remember it's the same stacking chart as fishing)
Tier 1 - +2

So if we combine the two, you would have these stacking numbers -Tier 1 - +5
Tier 2 - +1

Be sure to level both proficiencies, as they both will help you when stacking fish. I hope this guide helps you. :)
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