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#1 Jun 9 2009 10:56am
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How to make your own CS 1.6 Server - Windows

I've made this tutorial because there are people who wants to create their own server for match's or to make it public to play with other people.
You need HldsUpdateTool: http://www.steampowered.com/download/hldsupdatetool.exe
I use the HDD partition "C:\" and folder called steamhlds
Go to C:\, and create a new folder called steamhlds
Now download HldsUpdateTool from the link posted above. After you downloaded it, install in the folder that you just created (steamhlds)
After the installation is finish, go to Start --> Run and write cmd

You will see a black window called Command Prompt where you write:
cd c:\steamhlds

After this, write:
hldsupdatetool -command update -game cstrike -dir c:\steamhlds

Now you should get something like:
HLDS installation up to date

After this, you will learn how to install a MOD:
I choosed AdminMod presuming that you will use this tutorial to make a server for gathers (matches).
First you need AdminMOD 2.50.60: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/halflifeadmin/halflife-admin-2.50.60-win.zip?download

After you download AdminMOD, you extract it anywhere on your desktop (right click on the archive --> Extract Here)
You will get a folder called Adminmod. Open it and double click install_admin.vbs
Click OK, then you will have to enter the location where to install. Write c:\steamhlds\hl.exe
After this, write in the box 1 (for cstrike) then click OK and thats all.

How to configurate AdminMOD
--- Minimum configuration for AdminMOD ---

Go to folder C:\HLDScstrike\addons\adminmod\config. Open adminmod.cfg. Even if they are explained, i will tell you more about them:
admin_balance_teams - leave it 0 , nothing important
admin_bot_protection - leave it 1 (nothing important)
admin_connect_msg - this is the message that shows up in the middle of the screen after a player connects to the server.
admin_cs_restrict - set it 1 so you can restrict any weapon you want in-game
admin_debug - leave it 0
admin_fun_mode - usualy its 0. This cvar makes people to glow into colors (glow blue).
admin_fx - we put it 1. Special Effects
admin_gag_name - 0 or 1 , as you wish
admin_gag_sayteam - same as above
admin_highlander - It should be 0. If we set 1, only one admin, only the highest one will have access to commands. For example, if there are 3 admins, only the highest one will be still admins if this command is setted 1, the other 2 will remain simple slots.
admin_ignore_immunity - As you wish. If its 1, admins, moderators and other players with immunity can kick/slay/ban each other.
admin_repeat_msg - A green message that will show up in the middle of the screen every few minutes .
admin_quiet - If we set 0, commands given by admins will show with their names. If we set 1, commands will show with "Admin.." instead of the admin name and if we set 2, commands wont show anymore on the screen.
allow_client_exec - Must be 1 ! With this, we can force the players to execute any command we want (quit, kill etc)
password_field - Maybe the most important cvar. What we write here, only the admins have to write in console before they connect to the server. For example, if we put _pw admin called XYZ with password xz123 will have to write in console: name XYZ then setinfo _pw xz123 before they connect to the server
reserve_slots - Here we write how many reserved slots we have. Write between 2 or 3. This, let the admins and reserved slots to connect to the server when its full.
reserve_type - Leave 0. Its better. If you are curious what this command make read the adminmod manual.

You will notice that i havent writed some cvars. That means its recommended to leave them how they are.

How to add admins
Open file users.ini , it can be founded in C\:steamhlds\cstrike\addons\adminmod\config.

Admins type:
Admins based on nickname are given by this sentence:
To calculate the access enter here: http://www.adminmod.org/help/online/Admin_Mod_Reference/Access_Levels_and_Respective_Admin_Commands.htm
An example: rizwan:testpassword:131071

Other type of admin is, by IP:
It would be like this : ip:password:acces
Example :
At IP admins, its not really neccesary to put password, because if an admin is having a static IP there are like 0,000000001% chances that someone will have that ip at the same time.
Example of IP admin without password: 67.344.24.55::131071
You can also give admins by SteamID
Example of SteamID admin : steamid:password:acces
Eample : STEAM_0:3255:testpassword:131071

To login as a admin on server(ONLY if you have an admin with password) you do this:
Enter to server with a random name, NOT the one that you have the admin with ; for example: Randomplayer.
After that you write into console setinfo _pw your-password
After this you put your name that you have admin with.

This is what you need to know about AdminMOD.

How to activate VAC2
- Go to folder "C:\steamhlds" and you will see a file called hlds.exe (with this one, you open your server)
- Right click on it --> Send to --> Desktop (create shortcut). You will see on your desktop a file called Shortcut to hlds.exe
- Right click on the shortcut, go to Proprieties and then you will see a new window.
- In that window you will see Target:"C\:steamhlds\hlds.exe" ; after this sentence add:
-console -game cstrike -port <YOUR PORT ; for example 27015> -autoupdate +secure +sport 27014 +ip <YOUR IP ; for example 87.124.664.23> +maxplayers <maximum number of players> +map <a random map, for example de_dust2>
So everything should look like this
"C:\steamhlds\hlds.exe" -console -game cstrike -port 27015 -autoupdate +secure +sport 27014 +ip 87.124.664.23 +maxplayers 20 +map de_dust2

If you have any problems (at any kind) with the links posted above, with the download or with the installation please let me know as soon as possible

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