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#1 Jun 8 2009 01:42pm
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Guidelines For Using The Science, Technology and Nature Forum:

Please remember to follow the Forum Rules And Policies when posting here:

  • Open-ended, open-minded discussion related to issues surrounding Science, Technology and nature is encouraged. There's no firm line drawn here but keep it relevant.
  • Questions related to Science, Technology and Nature are fine, but please post your homework in the Homework Help Hotline.
  • Please don't spam/flame people for any reason, including lack of knowledge or "weak" argumentation.
  • Use common sense as your guide and have fun, thanks!

Topics related to these subjects are also fine, but please make sure to follow the above guidelines:
  • gardening/indoor/outdoor plants cultivation
  • animals/pets
  • hiking
  • fishing
  • hunting
  • nature/astronomy photos

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