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May 3 2009 09:21am
Ladder slasher help

Connectivity issues:

I receive the error message "Connection to server failed"

Clear your cache and delete your cookies.
Using Firefox, go to tools --> Clear Private Data --> Select "Cache, Cookies, Offline Webpages" then click Clear Private Data Button.

Using Internet Explorer, go to Tools --> Internet Options. Under Browsing History click Delete. You then can choose to "Delete All" or Select the options of what you'd like to clear.

If You are still receiving the error "Connection to server failed" it could be because of a router or firewall setting.

If you're using a router, you need to make sure port 8181 is forwarded.

Routers differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. If you are using a Netgear router the router address is usually if using a Cisco / linksys the router address is usually .

When you type this address into a browser window it will prompt for a user name and password. Once you fill these in there is a panel on the left side. Find the panel that says port forwarding / port triggering.

Under the service type, click PORT FORWARDING then click ADD CUSTOM SERVICE.
This will prompt a box with several things:

Service Name: Ladder Slasher
Service Type: TCP/UDP
Starting Port: 8181
Ending Port: 8181
Server IP Address:

CLICK APPLY and close the router page.

If you are having a firewall issue it may be from Windows Firewall. You can allow exceptions through windows firewall.

Go to Start Menu --> Settings --> Control Panel. Find the Windows Firewall Icon. Double left click to open this.
When open, click the EXCEPTIONS TAB click ADD PORT.

Port name: Ladder Slasher
Port number: 8181

Click OKAY
Then click OKAY.

Another common problem is pop up and script blockers. A lot of browsers have built-in "pop up protection" or the active-x controls default to block certain things. Your browser may prompt you to "allow website" in order to connect.

These are the primary reasons your ladder slasher should not be working. Any other reason is usually an ISP or internet connection related issue.

In-game lag issues:
A lot of people experience or have concerns about lag. First people should understand that lag does exist in all places of the internet however there is ways to optimize your windows and computer to try to keep lag to a minimum.

As many people may have noticed after sometime or even immediately you can have delays or your ladder slasher game becomes slow. To resolve these issues.

Refresh your browser and reconnect to ladder slasher.
Close your browser and reopen ladder slasher.
Clear your cache and cookies. You computer can get so many things cached and cookied that you can actually lose all internet connectivity!
When you are connected to ladder slasher there is a slash command for quality.

/quality 0
/quality 1
/quality 2
/quality 3

0 is the lowest quality
1 is below average quality
2 is the default quality
3 is the highest quality

Another command would be /clear
This clears the text field and can help alleviate on screen lagging issues.

If this does not resolve your issue there is a few more things you can try.

Download and install the most up to date flash player.
The current version is adobe flash 10 found here http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10.html

Another trick you can try is to lower the priority of your browser. Go to your task manager press and hold the keys: ctrl + alt + delete OR right click on your windows bar and click TASK MANAGER option. When the task manager appears there is 5 tabs. Applications, Processes, Performance, Netowking, Users.
Click the PROCESSES TAB. You will see all of the running processes on your computer. There is several types of processes. There is "user process", system process, Local Service process and network service processes.

Find your internet browser. It should say something like Firefox.exe or iexplorer.exe. Right click your browser--> Set Priority --> Low.
A message will prompt, click OKAY then close the task manager.
*Note* When you close your browser and reopen it, it will go back to "Normal process".
**Note** Do not change any other processes unless you know what you're doing. Setting a service too high or too low can make your system unstable and lead to issues.

Another method is to play in a lower resolution on ladder slasher. You may want to try the 640x480. Try to find something you're comfortable with.

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Jun 22 2009 10:15pm
Nice guide - Thanks :)
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Jun 22 2009 10:25pm
Quote (squiggle @ Mon, Jun 22 2009, 09:15pm)
Nice guide - Thanks :)

this :)
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Aug 18 2009 08:26am
thanks przy :) great guide and helps
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Aug 18 2009 08:32am
Great Guide like always Tom, thanks :hug: :)
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Aug 18 2009 08:36am
Very nice job.
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