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Apr 25 2009 03:41pm
Peters Guide Too Transmuting
Firstly here is a video of me doing the whole muting thing
Out of date, video from old muting

"You can use the transmutation box to extract Magical (or higher) Essence from magical+ items. Once you get essence, you can combine it with another magical+ item of the same tier to reroll that item."

What this means in simple terms;
You can use the transmution box to change Magical (or higher) items into a Magical (Or higher) Essence. Using this essence in the transmution box along with another magical + item of the same tier will reroll the item

So; here's how you do it

Step 1: Go into your transmution box and put a Magical (Or higher) item into one of the slot's. Leave the other slot empty. Then press the transmute button
Step 2: You will see this box come up you will also see a button called Stabalise below it.
The stabalise button will reduce Volatility as that bar goes up quicker then you can just click on 'Transmution' alone

This is similar too Cooking, Fishing and Glyphing you are bacically you're fighting against the top bar too empty your bar before his is full
Note: The higher the teir and magic level the harder it will be too fill your bar.

Step 3: If you empty your bar before the Volatility bar is fill your will get a _______ Essence (______ depends on the magic level of the item put in)
It is like an item (Like fish/potions, etc) it will be in 16 little boxes in the bottem of your inventry and it shall look like this;

Step 4: Now you can do the reroll transmuting. Go back too the transmution box, in the first box put the Magical Essence, and in the other put the Magical Item in the other slot like so;

Now you press the transmute button

Step 5: Complete step 2

Step 6: If you beat the bar, check your inventry and your item will have been rerolled!

You have succesfully transmuted an item!

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Apr 25 2009 03:43pm
It's easy ^^ Dunno why did You make this guide but it's a good guide :>
What a shame that it will be closed in few secs

This post was edited by qba69 on Apr 25 2009 03:44pm
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Apr 25 2009 03:44pm
Very cool guide :) I loved the video

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Apr 25 2009 03:46pm
Quote (qba69 @ Sat, Apr 25 2009, 05:43pm)
It's easy ^^ Dunno why did You make this guide but it's a good guide :>
What a shame that it will be closed in few secs

It shouldn't be closed, he is helping people who are unsure of how to do this. This is a guide to help them causing less spam posts on "how do I do this" Etc. Good guide, I was stuck at first too.
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Apr 25 2009 03:46pm
Video looks boring, no text,no monster,no action,no music :rofl:

j/k,it's good to see it easily explained :p

This post was edited by Graal on Apr 25 2009 03:46pm
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Apr 25 2009 03:46pm
Yeah, nice one :P
But indeed, you're joking at our community now :P
We're not so stupid to need a video :D
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Apr 25 2009 03:47pm
He he you almost Lost The Transmuting Battle muaha !! New guilde XD

Just playing at least your trying to help some what

But I agree with graal ITs So boring Fishing is more fun for christ sakes =P
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Apr 25 2009 03:47pm
your kidding right peter ^_^

i was just writing this too....

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Apr 25 2009 03:51pm
u mean you would rather read than watch video mmmm book or telly ------ telly wins lol nice guide
anyway some ppl might not be able to read
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Apr 25 2009 03:51pm
Whats Ladder Slasher? :headscratch:
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