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Apr 25 2009 11:21am
Hi Everyone!

This version contains numerous tweaks and adjustments. Here's some of what's changed and been added:
- Miscellaneous client updates (repositioning, inventory closing on welling, etc)
- Evil presences in maze now have a progressively harder chance to spawn as "more mobs". For instance, 1 evil presence will be much more common than 9.
- Evil presences have a much higher drop rate, and, the more mobs that spawn for one, the drops get even better.
- In catacombs, it now shows who picked up a dropped item.
- In catacombs, it should no longer close the item stats window of an item that was not picked up (YAY! What would happen before was no matter what item was picked up, it would always close the popup window, even if you were looking at a totally different item).
- Removed the "old" transmuting, and all recipes, in favor of:
- New proficiency added: Transmuting! It works as follows:
* Drop any single magical+ item into the box, transmute, click the bar to extract the magical+ essence from the item. Then, combine the magical+ essence with any magical+ item of the same tier to reroll it!
* The reroll factor is based upon your skill level, not character level.
* You can also extract from glyphs, and the essence is a market sellable object.
* When starting, try magical or rare tier I items. As your skill progresses, move up to higher magical items, and eventually higher tiered items.
* Using the down arrow method also works for Transmuting items
* You can now shrine the Essence you get from Transmuting
** More things to do with this skill are planned for the future. ;)

Who and what guild will dominate the transmuting ladder? Good luck!

*Note: As usual, you need to refresh/clear cache to ensure you have the proper version at login.

Congrats to Joshie for being the 1st HC Rank 1 Muter!
Congrats to cpe413 for being the 1st SC Rank 1 Muter!
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