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Mar 8 2009 12:55pm
This guide is a step by step breakdown of how to be successful in the catacombs.
My intent is to explain how to form a group, run a group, participate in a group , and ideas of how to be good mannered while in a group.
These simple steps will lead to fast leveling while making the game enjoyable for everyone.

Forming a successful group:

    1) The first step in forming a successful group is knowing the roles of the different characters.
    For instance a Barbarian is should be able to absorb damage, a Magician or Guardian may be
    a healer etc... Ideally you will want (This can vary depending on variables such as equipment,
    experience of the players, and what character types are available) :

    2 Characters that can absorb damage (Tankers)
    2 Characters that can do decent damage
    1 Healer

    You will not always be able to find a character to fill all of these slots so do not waste too
    much time trying to (this may cause other players, who are waiting in your group, to leave your
    group and find another).

    2) Once you create a group, other players in your range will join. Try to keep your group together.
    Most players are good mannered and will try to stay with one group.

    3) If you do not have enough players to fill your group, you can use the in game commands to find
    players that are needed for your group. This is accomplished by using the /find (level)
    command to find players within your range. Once you have a list of players in your range, you
    can use the /who (character name) command to find out what type of character that player is
    playing. Finally, you can use the /msg (character name) command to message players and
    inform them that you have a game running.

    /find (level) finds players within your range
    /who (character name) finds the type of character that player is playing
    /msg (character name) used to message players

Running a group:

    1) The group comes first! Try to keep the same players who started with your group together.
    Wait for everyone that was with you last game to regenerate and return to the new game.
    When someone who was not with you last game, joins your new game, a simple "game is
    full" will usually get them to leave. If this does not work, the command /kick (character name)
    will kick them from your game.

    2) When you do need to fill a spot, YOU message people. Do not assume someone else in the
    group is doing so. It is your group, and up to you to ensure it runs smoothly.

    3) You want to level the group as fast as possible and still leave time for other players to pick up
    shrineables. It is possible to go too fast, so it is a good idea to ask the group, to make sure
    everything is running smoothly.

    4) Make sure you let the group know when there is going to be a delay in starting the next game.
    This usually pertains to bathroom breaks, transferring gear. etc...

    5) Keep an eye on everyone's life. If the group as a whole gets low on life, make a new game.

    6) Keep an eye on everyone's current level to make sure that when you level, everyone is still within your range before making next game.

Participating in a group

    1) Stay with your group, do not group hop (explained in the next section).

    2) Share the drops, help make sure everyone has shrineables.

    3) Make sure you let the group runner know if you are going to be delayed in you joining the next
    game. This usually pertains to bathroom breaks, transferring gear. etc...

    4) Do not leech. Even if you do not have the best of gear, you can still try to contribute to the
    group. People are more likely to keep you with the group if your trying.

    5) If you know your going to be leaving a group, try to find a replacement for yourself before it is
    time for you to leave. This will help prevent the group waiting on a new player to join the group}.

Being good mannered, here are a few ideas for running/participating in a good mannered game:

    1) Be nice to everyone! Try to understand that some players may have very little forum gold to buy
    equipment for a character and may not have the best gear. As long as they are trying (not just
    leeching), you should keep them with the group and allow them to level with you.

    2) Do not be selfish. Share the shrineables! One person grabbing up all of the shrineables (which I
    assume they do hoping to find nice items to sell) causes a delay in heal time for the group as
    a whole and leads to the group having to wait on everyone to get to the next game. This can
    really hurts the healer (if you have one) because mana does not heal at the same rate as life.

    3) Try to avoid "hopping" from group to group. This hurts both groups as a whole (the one you
    join, and the one you left). It can cause delay in both groups by you not being available for the
    next game, and by making the group runner search for another player to fill your spot.

    4) Do not try to take over someone's game. Some of us are annoyed when a player shows
    up in a game and immediately tells us to "GO". Usually this player has not only just joined the
    group, but more than likely, has also taken a spot from someone else. They say "GO" hoping the
    runner will hit "engage" without realizing that he/she is missing a member of the original group.

    5) Do not message players who are already in a group, asking them to join yours. This leads to
    players leaving one group to join another (usually with a higher level runner). These same
    people will leave your group when another "higher" group comes along. People in a group are
    shown with an asterisk in front of their name when you use the /find command.Example
    "elderly" = not in a game, " *elderly" = is in a game

    6) Do not bail out on your group when you hit level 71, It only takes a few more minutes to kind
    and make sure the whole group makes it to level 71. Remember, you made it to 71 with the
    help of your group, you should return the favor.

Following these few simple steps will help make the game and leveling more enjoyable for everyone.
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