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Feb 4 2009 06:26am
The Shrine and You

1. Introduction
2. The Shrine
3. The Items
5. The Character
6. The Gear
7. The Strategy
8. Numbers
9. F.A.Q.


We have this wonderful building in Ladder Slasher called the Shrine; it takes any magical item, and converts it into
hp/mana so you can continue slashing at a quicker pace. With this guide, it will teach you how to use the shrine at
the best of your ability and possibly cut your leveling time in half as it did for myself.

The Shrine of Mu'Rakar is a sacred and holy place, shining down malevolent forces on those who choose to pray
within its walls. The Shrine only accepts magical and above equipment of any tier. In return a minimum of 20%
of your life and mana will be returned to you for the sacrifice of your item. The better the item, the more healing
that will be bestowed upon you.

Note: You can only sacrifice weapons, armor, or charms.

Okay... so here's my explanation of the shrine. It's basically a place to drop unwanted magical or higher items
to heal your HP and MP a lot quicker than regeneration.

The items you want to mainly toss into the shrine is items that have no use to you as either mutes, or equips that
you would normally use. Generally you would toss any tier one, or two items in the shrine, and gain just as much
MP and HP that you would gain if you tossed a tier five, thirteen, or what ever magical item in.

First off is the hard task of creating a level one Fighter, or Barbarian. When doing this, keep in mind that you are
trying to get as many magical items as possible to quickly transfer over to your character that is leveling, or
magic finding. So you want a character that can use heavy weapons that can kill every creature in solo arena
till level three.

When using your main and you don’t have godly items that will get you to MQ in six hours without regeneration,
you need to use a level one character to get shrinables quickly. This pertains to people who have equipments
that cannot get you chains long enough to gain shrinables alone.

With low stated gear (i.e. 60ee weapons/armor/charms), you can't get long enough chains to really find that many
items. With a level one character you find tons with one hit kills. I can't fill up 8 slots of shrinables with a level 35,
currently if my life depended on it.


When you chose this character, you want tier three weapons so you can quickly and easily kill the creatures. Your
weapons should consist of.

Weapon – Tier Three (Bronze) War Hammer, Battle Axe, Spear, or a Pole Arm

Armor/Charm – Strength, and Life Per Kill or Life Per Hit, Magic Find is also wanted because there is a possibility
to get 'Legendary', 'Epic', and so on which gives you more of a chance to gain more % oh HP and MP when tossed.


To one hit any creature in solo arena from level 1-2, you must do 40+ damage in one hit. This is why heavy weapons
are favored in this strategy, you deal a lot more damage than a normal weapon and can still chain kill. With in one
minute you can have a full inventory of shrinables ready to transfer to your character. After you transfer all of the
shrinables, exit to the Barracks and reroll your character who gathers shrinables. Continue to slash and heal with
shrinables until you need more, and repeat everything again.


Regeneration Time with no Regeneration Weapon/Armor/Charm
HP or MP/Regen=Time to Regen
2,000/10=200 Seconds
2,500/11=228 Seconds
3,000/12=250 Seconds
3,500/13=269 Seconds

Regeneration Time with Cheap Regeneration Weapon/Armor/Charm
HP or MP/Regen=Time to Regen
2,000/20=100 Seconds
2,500/20=125 Seconds
3,000/20=150 Seconds
3,500/20=175 Seconds

Regeneration Time with Moderate Regeneration Weapon/Armor/Charm
HP or MP/Regen=Time to Regen
2,000/40=50 Seconds
2,500/40=62 Seconds
3,000/40=75 Seconds
3,500/40=88 Seconds

Regeneration Time with Expensive Regeneration Weapon/Armor/Charm
HP or MP/Regen=Time to Regen
2,000/60=33 Seconds
2,500/60=41 Seconds
3,000/60=50 Seconds
3,500/60=58 Seconds

Looking at the times to regenerate above, it is wise to at least try to gather shrines at solo arena with a level one character.
You get an average of two or three regeneration times with one simple minute of gathering shrines on another character.


Q: Why don't you use a normal weapon to kill creatures?
A: When killing in solo arena it takes one hit to kill a creature, if you practice at killing with a heavy weapon you can
get all the way through level two with out getting hit.

Q: Why don't you kill creatures in Catacombs to gather shrinables?
A: It's much easier to kill creatures in solo because you can one hit them, and they will deal no damage to your level
one character. In Maze-Catacombs you can get hit by up to nine creatures at once, possibly killing you very quickly.
Along with this, a normal room will only give you 1-3 items, then you need to regenerate your level one character.

Q: Why don't you level your character up and toss the items that you don't want into the shrine?
A: Well I do do that, but it takes a lot of kills at a higher level to be able to gain lots of shrinables with budget gear.
So with my strategy I can gain a lot of items and bypass regeneration times just about as quick as if I had expensive
regeneration gears.
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Feb 4 2009 06:29am
is it faster to do this though rather than regen? I get 2/3 mobs/regen
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Feb 4 2009 06:41am
Quote (Koldhearted @ Wed, 4 Feb 2009, 14:29)
is it faster to do this though rather than regen?  I get 2/3 mobs/regen

yes it is
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Feb 4 2009 09:05am
you should time yourself doing maze and arena as a shrineable finding method
I'm pretty sure maze is faster and it's what I choose to do anyways
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Feb 4 2009 10:39am
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