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Dec 1 2008 11:15am
The Forum Rules and Polcies + Trade Rules also apply for this area of the forums, so please check them: Trade Rules and Forum Rules and Policies

Some additional and very important rules:
  • NO trading of Accounts/cd keys (pc version), or character names etc
  • NO trading of real life items.
  • NO trading of xbox live subscription cards of any time length.
  • NO trading of Microsoft points or Exclusive Game Content codes.
  • NO discussion of how to mod your xbox or its accessories. This includes, but is not limited to softcore mods and hardcore mods.
  • NO discussion of how to bridge/offering to bridge, or requesting help to bridge
  • NO searching for modded xbox users or offering to mod.
  • NO discussion about any hacks/3rd party programs OR exploits.
  • NO links to any unauthorized links / gaming sites. This includes: outlinking to any site which offers downloads of hacks/3rd party programs. They are against the rules and may also be keyloggers.
  • NO senseless spam like posting in every topic / no +1s.
  • NO flames/personal attacks. Let's keep it clean.
*Any violations to these rules will result in warns or other punishment.
*Doing any of the above via pm is not allowed, if you do D2jsp will not refund you for any loss.

For technical "advice" reguarding your game or console, please post it here. There are plenty of people eager & willing to assist in that help topic. There is no need to make a new one of you own. However, it is recommend to use the official xbox technical support. Information reguarding how to contact them is also found there.

You may discuss about games, gamerscores, achievements, upcoming games, the system itself, and Xbox Live gaming etc..
You may have a good time and keep things clean and respectable to the d2jsp rules.

Thanks to Raffles and whoismiked2 for the first versions of this Guide!
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