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Nov 18 2008 03:11pm
Hello everyone!

Player vs. Player is back! You can now challenge your friends and foes alike in the Arena!

PvP Features:
- You can also now directly wager Forum Gold on duels vs. other people! Winner wins the "pot"! (Leaving the match, by disconnect, or anything else qualifies as a loss)
- You can watch other duels, or have people watch yours! Unlimited spectators in a dueling game.
- You can set a level range on who can challenge you.
- The server tracks all wins and losses, and this information will eventually be used elsewhere (like displayed on your profile, under each character).

Go give it a shot! Are you really #1? smile.gif

PvP Forum recreated here: LS PvP

* Coming soon: Ability to decline a challenger. Forgot about this until just now, sorry..

Enjoy! smile.gif

[edit] 1.12.1 Released: http://forums.d2jsp.org/index.php?showtopic=25762988&f=272
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Nov 18 2008 03:11pm
OMFG SEXY smile.gif TYTY PAUL hug.gif
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Nov 18 2008 03:11pm
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Nov 18 2008 03:11pm
THX I like it.

This post was edited by Uniokiller on Nov 18 2008 03:11pm
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Nov 18 2008 03:11pm
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Nov 18 2008 03:11pm
Woot 1.12 Is out!!! Thank you NJaguar for all your contributions!!! Yay biggrin.gif.

PVP is going to be awesome as hell!!! woot woot woot!!

Just wanted to say thank you for Ladder Slasher and everything you have done. Thanks biggrin.gif.
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Nov 18 2008 03:12pm
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Nov 18 2008 03:12pm
Ive been waiting sometime for this =D

nice add ofc paul wub.gif

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Nov 18 2008 03:12pm
thx like pk biggrin.gif
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Nov 18 2008 03:12pm
nice up already?
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