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#1331 Feb 18 2015 01:59pm
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Now on Arthas Horde - H pally
#1332 Mar 23 2015 09:56am
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Currently have 7 level 100s on Kel'Thuzad Alliance. Each of them are over 670ilvl(almost fully normal BRF geared(with some BOE epics still)

All also on legendary quest line with elemental runes. Lucky for me i have two accounts so when i do LFR HM for the stones and then LFR BRF for the runes. i was dual boxing most of these....yayaya atleast i wasn't afk for every boss fight on both alts.
#1333 Jun 7 2017 03:25pm
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Bump on request
#1334 Jun 8 2017 05:06am
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Quote (Kafir @ Jun 7 2017 09:25pm)
Bump on request

Thanks :)

My main :)

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