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#1 Nov 11 2008 01:44pm
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Just a few things to follow;

1; You may post a new picture if you updated your character! Or feel your characters gear has changed alot since you last posted!
2; No +1s. All posts must include a picture, or server info you feel you should share!
3; Be friendly! I don't want to hear any "wow your char looks shitty"

Post em up!

I'll start.

This is my druid's armoy; http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Sargeras&n=Seed

I love my druid, I have been a feral druid since the begining of TBC, and achieved Gladiator in Season 4.

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#2 Nov 11 2008 01:47pm
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#3 Nov 11 2008 03:12pm
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EU-Armory is bugged anyway

Restoration since first day when I dinged 70 smile.gif and I will stay in WoTLK as well.

#4 Nov 11 2008 03:45pm
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Taniwha, Baelgun, 70 warlock

I used to be sl/sl for pvp pre patch so I've tried to find a new spec like it that not only works for pvp but for pve as well.

This spec also allows for empowered destro/afflic spells whilst surviving more damage thrown at you. (quite handy after the op dmg put out by ret pallys and rogues).


Affliction - down to siphon life, other talents according to what you like to use...drain soul for less threat + never having to drink water or imp coa if you don't use curse of elements.

Demo - 2 health stone, 5 stam buff, 3 fel vita, 1 soul link. If you havn't noticed it is 20% now and you can survive quite a bit with this.

Destro - down to imp immolate + devastation, shadowburn etc, again according to what you use (I tried using searing pain with the glyph, is fun to use smile.gif).

For pve AND pvp I use the following order of spells

CoE (Curse of elements), Corruption, Immolate, Shadowbolt and/or Searing Pain (rinse and repeat), Drain Soul OR Drain Life OR Shadowburn.

Now you can use a varied version of this, and I only specd yesterday but I think this may be fun and quite efficient. Go try it out smile.gif

TL;DR thx for reading!
#5 Nov 11 2008 04:08pm
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Yiün, Illidan, 70 arcane mage
Zayel, Illidan, 70 Mut Rogue
Divination, Illidan, 70 Ret Pally
#6 Nov 11 2008 04:34pm
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Spirestone PvP - Alliance
70 Draenei Shaman
70 Human Rogue
60 Night Elf Druid
60 Night Elf Priest
59 Human Paladin
59 Night Elf Warrior
30 Human Warlock

Gorgonnash PvP - Horde
70 Orc Hunter

Shandris PvE - Alliance
70 Night Elf Hunter
#7 Nov 11 2008 07:25pm
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Slantsix, Undead Warlock Akama.
#8 Nov 11 2008 07:35pm
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Windrunner - PVE - Alliance
Glimmi 70 - Dwarf Warrior
TheFrown 70 - Human Warlock
FrownFrown 44 - Dwarf Paladin
HotFrown 45 - Night Elf Rogue
HolyFrown 45 - Human Priest

Dark Iron - PVP - Horde
TheFrown 44 - Orc Warlock

Dalvanger - PVP - Alliance
Frownies 47 - Human Rogue
#9 Nov 11 2008 08:35pm
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Trader: Scammer
Warn: 10%

i has a t6 chest am i cool?
#10 Nov 11 2008 10:16pm
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Bashed - 70 Orc Warrior
Mannoroth, Horde
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