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Naras Ladder Slasher beginner's guide Volume 1.3

This Guide is a very first update of the 1.2 version, as again many changes have taken place recently.

Naras Ladder Slasher Beginners Guide Volume 1.0
Naras Ladder Slasher Beginners Guide Volume 1.1
Naras Ladder Slasher Beginners Guide Volume 1.2

It is meant to be read by all beginners to give them a smooth start into the game and explain the very basics.
A lot of knowledge is collected from the existing guides, so I want to give a special thanks to all those people who invested their time for this.
I tried to keep the information as easy as possible and explain most of the abbreviations when I used any.
If something is not understandable, explained bad or wrong or if you got any questions, feel free to pm me. Enjoy reading now.

The official portal to get starter knowledge is over here: http://ladderslasher.d2jsp.org/index.php?a=0

User guides are gathered over here: Ladder Slasher Guide Collection and here Character Guide Collection

If you are seeking for personal help, you can find experts who are willing to help you out on this list: The Ladder Slasher Helpers List 1.0

Note: This guide contains several links to other guides of the guide collection in these colours according to your experience level:
  • Official class:
    All guides in black colour!
    Official information by the creator of the game. Want to know the pure facts? Read the guides in the black colour!
    Requirements: NO pre knowledge is recommended, this is a guide to get you started.

  • Beginner class:
    All guides in green colour!
    Beginner friendly guides with basic information. New to Ladder Slasher? Read the guides in the green colour!
    Requirements: NO pre knowledge is recommended, this is a guide to get you started.

  • Medium class
    All guides in orange colour!
    A bit more specialised guides with a bit more special information that goes into more detail on what you just read.
    Requirements: Basic knowledge is recommended

  • Advanced class
    All guides in red colour!
    You want to know even more? These guides contain deeper knowledge e.g. for specific character guides with direct examples
    Requirements: Basic + Medium knowledge is recommended
Table of content:
    1. What is Ladder Slasher?
    2. Characters
      2.1 Fighter
      2.2 Barbarian
      2.3 Rogue
      2.4 Mage
      2.5 Guardian
      2.6 Secret Characters
    3. Explanation of status points
    4. Explanation of item modifications
    5. Market Place
      5.1 Item quality
      5.2 Item tier, level prerequisites and drop possibilities of items
      5.3 Search and buy items
      5.4 Sell items
      5.5 Muling:
    6. Common abbreviations:
    7. Transmutation box
    8. Well of evil
    9. Shrine of Mu'rakar
    10. Guild points and master quest
    11. Accessory charm
    12. Catacombs
    13. Proficiencies
    14. Fishing and Cooking
    15. Glyphing
    16. Thanks:
1. What is Ladder Slasher?

Ladder Slasher is a totally free browser game by njaguar. It is as simple as addictive.


The game itself is explained quite easy
  • You log in
  • choose one of the 5 basic characters
  • set the status points
  • find, buy or transmute items
  • with which you fight in real time against many enemies by clicking on their image
  • to get experience and level up until 71, where you can do the masterquest
  • If you pass, new character classes with special features are unlocked
  • if a player manages to unlock all characters and pass the final masterquest
  • the ladder will be reset and every character rerolled to level 1, but everyone keeps his items

On this picture you can see the basic view into the combat arena, where you fight against the enemies.
    1. Your life pool
    2. Your mana pool
    3. Your name and current level
    4. Your experience bar ( level up when its full )
    5. Enemy level
    6. Choice of fighting method, weapon ( hotkey: q) , charm (hotkey: e) accessory charm (hotkey: a )( current weapon is surrounded by a red box)
    7. Summon and fight a monster
    8. Open your inventory ( hotkey: i )
    9. Open your status overview, set status points here (hotkey: c)
    10. Current weapon
    11. Current armour
    12. Current charm
    13. Current accessory charm
    14. Inventory
    15. Trash, to throw away items you do not need
    16. Current number of items you have ( equipped and in inventory ) and the maximum possible number
    17. Chat window. Status news, errors etc. are shown here
    18. Quick Item Slots: Put items like fish or comfreys into this position to select them quicker in combats by pressing the number the item you want to choose is on.
    19: Your gold
    20: Proficieny Window ( hotkey: p )
    21: Use Item: Use an item such as fish or comfreys.
    22: back to town: Go back to town.
    23: |?| link to ladder slasher forums
    24: Inventory for items such as fish or comfreys
    25. Mob Chain Counter

    The numbers represent the monsters of your level killed in a short period of time without breaks.
    You get the following bonus: +0.5% bonus on item drops (also multiple items) and +0.5 experience
    If you level up, wait too long, leave the arena or die, the counter is reset to 0

    Use Item Button: Use a potion or totem

    Note: The Old Pub is a place to chat, but there are not many people around these days.
    You can use it to copy the stats of an item, so you do not need to write them or take screens. Simply drag and drop the item into the chat window.
How to create a new character?
  • Visit the Ladder Slasher Site
  • Log in with your d2jsp account, password and gold password
  • If the password is not correct, check if the caps lock key or any special characters are used
  • Click the login button
  • Choose a character of your choice by clicking the special line
  • Write a unique name for your character into the box
  • A click on the box named hardcore creates it in the hardcore mode, this means if you die once your character is permanently dead and all the items on it as well.
  • If you are ready, click on the create button
  • You can choose your new character now by clicking on its image in the main menu
If you need detailed information on how to log in to ladder slasher, check this guide:
How to login to Ladder Slasher? Version 1.01

2. Character classes

There are 5 basic character classes with different attributes and thus different kinds of playing them, each has special advantages, but also disadvantages you should keep an eye on:
    2.1 Fighter
    • Weapons he can use: Swords, Clubs, Axes
    • Armours: All
    • Status points at the beginning: 50 strength, 40 dexterity, 10 intelligence, 50 vitality.
    • Conclusion: Very balanced qualities in strength (basic damage), vitality (life and physical defence), and dexterity (increased attack speed, critical damage),
      but low qualities in intelligence (weakness against magical damage taken). One could say, the fighter is an all round talent with medium stat points,
      but no real top ones in a single field. Thus it can be used quite multifunctional, a special advantage is the ability to wear all kinds of armours and several weapons,
      which makes this character a good starter for beginners. This is also an advantage to create a fighter caster although the basic intelligence is so low.
      The true caster char, the mage, is only able to wear light armours and has low life, because of that he is very weak against critical hits,
      especially in high level regions and the price for good items is high. The fighter has a good defence, although its offence is not as good as the mage's one,
      but therefore its equipment is much cheaper.
    • Possible Stating
      Melee: All points into dexterity until you reach about 120-130 dexterity WITH items. Rest into strength then.
      If you do not have good gear, you may put the first 5 - 10 points into vitality in hardcore mode.
      Caster: All points into intelligence. If you do not have good gear, you may put the first 5 - 10 points into vitality in hardcore
    If you need detailed information on Fighter, check this guide:
    The fighter guide

    2.2 Barbarian
    • Weapons he can use: Swords, Clubs, Axes
    • Armours: All
    • Status points at the beginning: 60 strength, 25 dexterity, 5 intelligence, 60 vitality.
    • Conclusion: The Barbarian sticks to the prejudices that exist around. He is a strong and brave, but mentally kind of limited fighter.
      He has a huge life pool and defence against physical damage, as well as a good basic damage,but a low dexterity. So its attacking speed and the chance of
      critical hits is rather low and fights will be quite long lasting. There is a weakness against magical damage, since his intelligence is the lowest of all characters.
      This character is quite advisable for beginners, because it is quite cheap and playable without any high end gear. The disadvantage of course is, that the fights
      itself will last very long and you need a lot of patience. But remember, this is a virtue and you will never the less reach your goal.
    • Possible Stating:
      Melee: All points into dexterity until you reach about 120-130 dexterity WITH items. Rest into strength then.
      If you do not have good gear, you may put the first 5 - 10 points into vitality or even more for a vita-barb ( until level 15-20)
      This char is very cheap. All you need is a high defence armour, maybe with strength or vitality, a medium weapon with enhanced effect and a charm with vitality,
      strength, max life or life steal. Dexterity gear is more expensive. Another possibility: Put all points into strength for a higher basic damage, but low chance on critical hits.
      Caster: All points into intelligence. Because of the very low intelligence and high strength, this char is not very likely to be played as a caster, rather go for fighter then.
    If you need detailed information on Barbarian, check this guide:
    The Barbarian

    2.3 Rogue
    • Weapons he can use: Swords, Clubs, Axes, Daggers, Staffs
    • Armours: Until Medium
    • Status points at the beginning: 30 strength, 60 dexterity, 25 intelligence, 35 vitality.
    • Conclusion: This is presumable the fastest character because of the very high dexterity.
      The focus is on critical hits and a very high attacking speed. The Rogue can wear all kinds of weapons, but just light until medium armours,
      so the defence is not that good. The life pool is also quite low, so it can take just few hits, but regenerates faster.
      The playing method is interpreted quite offensive though and kill the enemy, before it got the chance for a counter attack and kills you.
      Critical counter attacks are quite dangerous and if the own offence is not that good ( better items cost much more of course )
      one has to run away a lot in order to stay alive. For total beginners, this character can be advised only in a more limited way because of the costs.
    • Possible Stating:
      Melee: All points into dexterity until you reach about 120-130 dexterity WITH items. Rest into strength then.
      If you do not have good gear, you may put the first 5 - 10 points into vitality or even more. If your gear is not strong enough, several deaths are preassigned.
      This may be no problem in softcore, but definitely in hardcore mode.
      Caster: All points into intelligence. If you do not have good gear, you may put the first 5 - 10 points into vitality or even more.
      In my opinion, this char needs high end gear even more, because of the lower basic intelligence and the fact that you can not steal life as a caster.
      You should play this char only if you got the fg for it.
    If you need detailed information on Rogue, check this guide:
    Rogue caster guide
    Deluxe Melee Guide for Ladder Slasher

    2.4 Magician
    • Weapons he can use: Daggers, Staffs
    • Armours: Only light
    • Status points at the beginning: 20 strength, 50 dexterity, 60 intelligence, 20 vitality.
    • Conclusion: The "real" mage of course has the highest ability to cast. Its resistance against physical attacks and also the life pool is very low,
      but it is protected by the high damage output of the magical attacks.
    • Possible Stating:
      Melee: Not advisable
      Caster: All points into intelligence. If you do not have good gear, you may put the first 5 - 10 points into vitality or even more.
      Because of the low life/defence (only light armours) and the limited weapon use this character is also quite expensive if it shall be really good
      and not that easy to play with low fg possibilities in hardcore, as deaths are very common
    If you need detailed information on Magician, check these guides:
    Mage Guide: How It's Done
    The mage
    Easy mage guide

    2.5 Guardian
    • Weapons he can use: Clubs and HEAL charms only
    • Armours: only heavy
    • Status points at the beginning: 30 strength, 10 dexterity, 55 intelligence, 55 vitality.
    • Conclusion: This character is most likely the best caster around. The intelligence rates are nearly as high as the magician's,
      but because of the very high vitality rates and the fact, that this character can wear all kinds of armors, the typical weakness in defence is eliminated.
      Strength and dex rates are quite low, but this character is meant to be played as a caster. Unfortunately, there is a decisive BUT about this character.
      He can only use heal charms, meaning you can not cast any offensive spells at all. That's why this character is a excellent multiplayer character.
      You have high life and defence to tank in the front and extremely good possibilities to heal others with your charms.
      You depend on others to do the killing for you, but you will be liked very much in parties.
    • Possible Stating:Melee: Not very advisable, because you loose the big advantage you have with the high int/vita combination.
      Caster: All points into intelligence. Increases your mana pool and heal possibilities by far.

      If you need detailed information on Guardian, check this guide:
      Complete Guardian Guide
    2.6 Secret characters (in the order they can be unlocked)
    • Samurai
      (strength:45 dexterity:50 intelligence:10 vitality:50)
      Weapons he can use: daggers, swords
      Armour: all
    • Paladin
      (strength: 55 dexterity: 30 intelligence: 20 vitality: 55)
      Weapons he can use: swords, axes, clubs
      Armour: all
    • Monk
      (strength: 40 dexterity: 65 intelligence: 20 vitality: 40)
      Weapons he can use: daggers, staffs
      Armour:only light
    • Ninja
      (strength: 40 dexterity: 70 intelligence: 15 vitality: 45)
      Weapons he can use: daggers, swords
      Armour: only light
    • Warlock
      (strength: 15 dexterity: 45 intelligence: 75 vitality: 35)
      Weapons he can use: staffs
      Armour: only light
    • Head hunter
      (strength: 60 dexterity: 75 intelligence: 5 vitality: 35)
      Weapons he can use: axes
      Armour: until medium
    • Alchemist
      (strength: 15 dexterity: 40 intelligence: 110 vitality: 15)
      Weapons he can use: none
      Armour: only light
The different stat points and usable items again demand a special stating and a special equipment. I will keep this out of the beginners guide for now,
but generally spoken the same principle is valid as with the basic characters, to secure a effective built:
In doubt, go that way, you have the items for or have the funds to buy what is necessary.

Which character to take?

The choice of character is up to one self of course, in the first case this game should bring you some fun. Your money bag at the start
unfortunately plays a quite important role and you should think about that before, how much you want or can invest into this.
If you put in nothing or just a bit at the start, you can play the game of course anyway, but you are more limited and have to make clear to your mind,
that fights, regenerating breaks and the ladder climb itself will last much longer, but anyway will be possible. Everyone has started small, but can turn into a ladder slasher expert.

Which items to buy in general?

Charms with enhanced effect, eventually intelligence, life, mana
Weapons with intelligence, life, mana
Armours with intelligence, life, mana

lightning charm: very high maximum damage, very low minimum damage. huge difference between this points. for lucky ones or with good gear, 0-9 damage on level 1
wind charm: very high maximum damage, very low minimum damage. huge difference between this points. for lucky ones or with good gear, 1-8 damage on level 1
fire charm: higher maximum damage, lower minimum damage. big difference between this points. but more controllable damage, 2-7 damage on level 1
earth charm: high maximum damage, medium minimum damage. medium difference between this points. even more controllable damage, 3-6 damage on level 1
ice charm: medium maximum damage, high minimum damage. small difference between this points. very controllable damage, 4-5 damage on level 1

Remember: Casting of charms costs an amount of mana. No mana = no more casting

If you need detailed information on caster, check these guides:

General caster guide for beginners

Charms with dexterity, strength, life steal, life after kill
Armour with dexterity, strength, life steal, life after kill
Weapon with enhanced effect, eventually dexterity, life steal,life after kill

swords: very high maximum damage, very low minimum damage. huge difference between this points. for lucky ones or with good gear, 1-10 damage on level 1
clubs: very high maximum damage, very low minimum damage. huge difference between this points. for lucky ones or with good gear, 2-9 damage on level 1
staffs: higher maximum damage, lower minimum damage. big difference between this points. but more controllable damage, 3-8 damage on level 1
daggers: high maximum damage, medium minimum damage. medium difference between this points. even more controllable damage, 4-7 damage on level 1
axes: medium maximum damage, high minimum damage. small difference between this points. very controllable damage, 5-6 damage on level 1

Heavy weapons: longsword, warhammer, battleaxe, spear, polearm
Heavy weapons can only drop in MP, but they can be used anywhere once you found or bought them.
Special feature about them: They do double damage in compraison to their normal equivalent, but are slower.

If you need detailed information on melee, check these guides:

Thinking Of Melee?
New Melee Build Guide

If you need detailed information on hybrid characters check these guides:

The Melee/caster Guide
The Hybrid Caster -> Fighter/samurai/paladin

I cant kill any monsters. What shall i do?

If you see a certain character is not your kind of character or simply have stated your char wrong, you should create a new character or
if you have no more spacereroll it by pressing the reroll button in the main screen.
You start at level 1 again, but keep all your items.

How to get items?

Find them by slashing monsters or buying them from the market. The chance of an item drop is 1 out of 5 monsters basically.

3. Explanation of status points
  • Strength
    increases physical damage
    Check this guide for a detailed analysis: The How To Calculate Damage Guide (check links inside!)
  • Dexterity
    increases chance for critical hits by 0.x each point
    note: the more you invest, the lower the effect gained in each level gets. ( breakpoint about 120-130 )
    increases attacking speed
    note: the more you invest, the lower the effect gained in each level gets.
    increases the damage of a critical hit by ~ 1% each point
    reduces the damage taken of a critical hit by 0.x% each point, degrading non-linear factor
  • Intelligence
    increases magical damage by ~1% each point
    increases casting rate
    note: the more you invest, the lower the effect gained in each level gets.
    reduces the damage taken of a magical damage
    increases mana pool each level up
    ( only works with stated points, not of points you get from items)
  • Vitality
    increases defence of the armour( physical damage reduction) by ~0.9 each point
    increases life pool each level up
    ( only works with stated points, not of points you get from items)
  • Monster:
    Also enemies have stat points like these. These numbers are randomly given, creating many different enemies with special
    strengths and weaknesses. So do not just fight blindly by clicking like hell, but try to interpret your enemy and react on this.
    A stronger enemy with more stat points will give you more experience.

    Check this guide for a lot of helpful numbers:

    Helpful numbers while playing ladder slasher

    Apart from the stat points, they also wear a special equipment which influences their attacks and defence. The principle is the same as above.

    Hints for combat in softcore:

    If the first 2-3 hits of a monster do high damage, run away
    If you hit 50% of your life and the monster still has more, run away
    If you have 10% life and the monster got more, run unless you are a rogue with the chance of a critical hit
    Otherwise fight.

    Regeneration is a very important issue beside the damage you do. A lot of time will be just waiting for your life and mana to recover.
    So try to get gear that will make this process faster:

    gear you can switch to after combats ( simply substitute it with your current gear )

    life/mana regenerating gear

    during combats:

    life/mana per combat round gear
    life/mana after kill gear
    life leech gear

    The less points you have, the shorter the regenerating time, but you will run out of these faster.

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4. Explanation of item modifications
  • Max Life
      increases your life by this number
  • Max Mana
      increases your mana by this number
  • Experience Gained
      increases your experience gained after a combat by this number. depends on the enemy
  • Life regen
      increases your life regenerating rate by this number (outside combats)
  • Magic regen (
      increases your mana regenerating rate by this number (outside combats)
  • Life per kill
      These points go to your life pool after an enemy is slain
  • Magic per kill
      These points go to your mana pool after an enemy is slain
  • Extra item slots
      Increases the maximum number of items you can carry. Only works when equipped. You do not loose the surplus items when you unequip them, but you can not pick up any new items
  • Critical Strike
      Doubles your damage and ignores target defense (physical damage). Dexterity points are added and can increase the damage
  • Life/Magic per Round
      Adds the number of life/mana to your pool during a combat. Depends on the enemy
  • Mind Numb
      Similar to critical strike. Ignores target intelligence and the damage is increased ( magical damage). Can only be gained through item stats. Effect varies due to the number of intelligence the enemy had.
  • Enhanced Effect, EE
      Increases damage of a weapon by the numbers given
      Increases defence of an armour by the numbers given (no enhanced effect to the weapon damage!)
      Increases damage of a charm by the numbers given

      One of the most important modifications. An item with a high EE can be even superior to items of the next higher class with the advantage, that you can wear it even at this early level and for longer.
  • Magic Luck
      Has a positive effect on the item quality, e.g. when transmuting. There is a better chance to get the next higher item quality
  • Armor Pierce
      Ignores target defence by the number given
  • Block
      increases chance to block a hysical attack, your defence is doubled then
  • Critical Flux
      Increases the chance to ignore enemies dexterity when scoring a physical critical hit. Similar to mind blast, but this is for the melee fighters
  • Physical Damage Reduction
      Reduces all physical damage taken by this number
  • Magical Damage Reduction
      Reduces all magical damage taken by this number
  • Life Steal
      Steals life from your enemy and adds it to your life pool. Depends on the enemy and the damage, only works with physical attacks
  • Damage Return
      Returns the number of damage taken back to the attacker. Depends on enemy and the attack.
  • Mana Syphon
      Will give you a % chance to absorb some of the mana used by a monster when they cast an offensive spell against you.
  • Mana Consumption
      Reduces the cost of a casting by the total % listed on your equipped items
  • Quick Draw
      % chance that your next attack will occur at 1/2 the normal time period. Ie, if your normal time attack is 1 second, and you hit a Quick Draw, your next attack would occur in 1/2 second. Only works for melee!
  • Heal Mastery
      The total amount listed on ALL items you use with this stat adds to the effectiveness of a heal charm used
  • Power Shot
      % chance to do maximum melee damage
  • Glancing Blow
      % chance to evade a melee attack, which then does only the base damage
  • Mana Skin
      % chance to absorb some, all, or none of the damage taken (melee or magical). Calculation is based upon current mana remaining vs. damage being received
  • Jubilance
      adds +experience per second while sitting in town

For more information, check:

Game Mechanics Explained

5. Market Place

At this place you can buy or sell items

    5.1 Magic Level of items:
  • Magical items have 1 stat modifier.
  • Rare items have 2 stat modifiers.
  • Mystical items have 3 stat modifiers.
  • Angelic items have 4 stat modifiers.
  • Mythical items have 5 stat modifiers.
  • Arcane items have 6 stat modifiers.
  • Legendary items have 7 stat modifiers.
  • Godly items have 8 stat modifiers.
  • Epic items has 9 stat modifiers.
  • Relic items have 10 stat modifiers.
  • Artifact items have 11 stat modifiers.
  • Unique items have 12 stat modifiers.
    5.2 Tier, level requirements and drop possibilities of items
  • I Quality" items are dropped by monsters at level 1 or higher.
  • II Quality" items are dropped by monsters at level 5 or higher.
  • III Quality" items are dropped by monsters at level 10 or higher.
  • IV Quality" items are dropped by monsters at level 15 or higher.
  • V Quality" items are dropped by monsters at level 20 or higher.
  • VI Quality" items are dropped by monsters at level 25 or higher.
  • VII Quality" items are dropped by monsters at level 30 or higher.
  • VIII Quality" items are dropped by monsters at level 35 or higher.
  • IX Quality" items are dropped by monsters at level 40 or higher.
  • X Quality" items are dropped by monsters at level 45 or higher.
  • XI Quality" items are dropped by monsters at level 50 or higher.
  • XII Quality" items are dropped by monsters at level 55 or higher.
  • XIII Quality" items are dropped by monsters at level 60 or higher.
  • XIV Quality" items are dropped by monsters at level 65 or higher.
This shall just be a basic overview. For ALL the detailed information about items and a lot of additional information I advice you to read all about it in this guide by ragnaroks:
Item Mechanics Guide v9 -> All Informations About Items Here!

Note to items:

The basic stats of an item would be without any stat points of your character, as

strength increases physical damage
vitality increases defence
and intelligence increases magical damage

So be aware of this before buying an item from someone with high stat points, this might look totally different on your character.

Here is a image of the prefix guide of the items:

    5.3 Search and buy items

Weapons: Search for weapons only
Armour: Search for armours only
Charm: Search for charms only
Type: Search for a special type of item
Items: Search for potions and totems only
Objects: Search for objects such as fishing rods only
Level Range: Search for items within the maximum and minimum level range given
Min Magic Level: Search for items with the magical item level given or higher
Cost Range: Search for items within the maximum and minimum price range given
3 big boxes below: Search for special modifications the item shall have
3 smaller boxes next to them: Minimal number of the modification the item shall have ( 0 = modification not necessary )
Only items i can use: Search for item you can wear at this point (depends on your level and character class)


weapon, axe, level range 10-15, minimum magic level rare, Cost range 10-50, enhanced effect 20.

Searchesfor all axes within the level range 10-15, that have at least the magical quality rare, cost between 10 and 50fg and have at least 20 enhanced effect.

Note: If there is only 1 variable outside this parameters, the item will not be shown in the result list. So you should search differentiated in order not to miss any item you might want to have.

Search flood
If you search to often within a short time range, you get this message. Leave the market place and wait a few seconds, then you can go on.
This is a protection against item snipers who might refresh there search many times in order to steal items on the market place from others.

Maximum number of searches exceeded for this session
If you search to often within a log in, you get this message. Log off from ladder slasher and log in again and you can search again.

In which order are the results listed?

The items are ordered by price from low to high, if there are too many results, you will just see the cheaper ones, so make sure you have given enough search characteristics..

You will see a list of items that match your search characteristics, you can see the price right of the item. To see all information, hold your mouse button on the item you like.

Why are there items in different colours?

Black items can be equipped by your character, red ones can not.
(because your character level is too low or your character class in general can not equip this kind of item)

Follow these steps if you want to buy an item:
  • Go to the market place and search for an item of your choice as explained above
  • Drag and drop it with your left mouse button to the big box in the left corner
  • Right of this box enter your gold password and click the
  • Buy item button next to it
  • You will now have the item in your inventory and the fg is automatically taken
  • Note: You can NOT retract this once you have bought the item, also if you just clicked by accident!
    5.4 Sell items:
  • Go to the market place, click the selling items button and open your inventory
  • Drag and drop the item you want to sell in the big box on the left, you used for buying items already
  • Enter your gold password in the box next to it
  • Define the price you want to have for the item by setting it in numbers in the little box beside
  • Click the sell item button
  • You will now see a number in next to the box Seller Fee and a new button called Confirm fee and sell appears.
  • This number is a fee of 5% of the price you entered and will be automatically sent to the forum bank every time you sell an item
  • In case your price is 20fg or higher, this fee will be paid directly to the forum bank.
  • Note:This fee will not be paid back, e.g. because you did not sell the item, decide not to sell it any more or the ladder is resetted.
  • Refresh the selling list by e.g. leave the market place and enter it again.
  • On this list are all items you have for sell.
  • There is a maximum of 10 items each character to be for sale
  • Items that have not been sold after a period of time ( 7 days), will automatically return to your inventory.
  • You have to put them on the market again and pay the fee.
  • You will have to wait 24h to remove an item from the market place
  • You can not raise the selling price after you have put an item on the market
  • You can only remove it again later on and put in on the market again for the new price, but remember the fee
  • You can reduce the price of items on the market place after 2 hours: Drag and drop the item in the big box and change the price, afterwards click the editbutton
  • Items you do not need any more at all can be completely deleted by drag and drop them into the trash icon. The item is now permanently deleted.
  • The item quality has to be magical at least to put it on the market place. Normal items can not be sold there.
  • If you do not now if or what an item is worth, you may have a look on the market place for similar items or feel free to ask our price check experts
    for their opinion in this thread:
  • Pricecheck-Thread
  • Remember that these guys are doing this hard work for free and spend their spare time for this, so be friendly and patient
If you need detailed information on the market place and trading, check these guides:

Guide To Ladder Slasher Trading Success
Guide To Using The Market Place
Financial Guide
How To Find What You Paid For Ls Items
Financial Guide
Perm Link In Ladder Slasher Ver. 2
How To Get A Perm Link For Ladder Slasher 1.0 Naras Quick Guide

    5.5 Muling:

What is muling?

Muling is the process of storing items on chars due to a lack of space in order to use them later on or to sell them maybe

How to mule?
  • Go to the market place and activate the transfer button.
  • now open your inventory and drag & drop the item you want to mule
  • put it into box you also use for selling/buying items
  • choose the target character that shall receive the item
  • click the transfer item button
    Note: you do not need to enter your gold password nor does this cost you anything.
  • no other player can buy or snipe this item, it is 100% save

Trouble shooting:

It says there is no space, but i have free slots in my inventory left?

Items on the market place count as well, so if you put something up for sell, this does not allow you to carry more items.

Can i mule items to my friends via transfer?

It is NOT designed as a feature of the game to transfer stuff with other players and because of this its just possible in a quite risky way:
  • Put the item on the market place and set a price
  • a friend you want to mule with now searches for this item and buys it from the market place
Note: in this period, ANY other player may buy your item and keep it and you have to pay the seller fee like in every common item sale

    Keep 2 browser windows open, your normal one and a backup in the login screen with entered data or ask a friend to be ready
    for the case you get connection problems.
    No one will take care if your internet connection troubles.
    If the item is worthy, set a high price although you have to pay a higher item fee.
    It is more secure to pay 50fg fee if the item is like 1000fg worth, instead of loosing a nice item you put on the market for 1fg
    Make sure you know/note down the main characteristics of your item to be able to search for it in a more directed way
6. Common abbreviations:
    BIN (buy it now): The owner of the item will sell it for this price at once.
    Similar to FT (fast trade) in the diablo2 section, but here this term is used in another way
    FT (for trade): The seller is offering an item for sale
    C/O (current offer): The currently leading offer on an item
    iso (in search of): The thread opener is in search of this specific item
    diso (desperate in search of): The thread opener is desperate in search of this specific item
    Pc (price check): Rating of the price of an item by an expert person
    imo = in my opinion
    np = no problem
    nt = no thanks
    atm = at the moment
    ty = thank you
    acc = account
    pw = password
    mp = market place
    mq = master quest
    mq charm / mq weapon = a very nice item which will bring you to the master quest
    pvp = player vs player
    ee = enhanced effect
    int = intelligence
    vit = vitality
    dex = dexterity
    str = strength
    regen = regenerating
    dual regen = life + mana regenerating on the same item

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7. Transmutation Box

What about this box?

This magic box is similar to the horadric cube in diablo2 and works in a matchable way:
    Put 2 items of the same kind in the box and hit the transmute button. Cross your fingers now.
    The magic quality does not necessarily have to be the same.
    The modifications of the 2 items will now be randomly exchanged and you get 1 new item with new modifications.
    The kind of the item stays the same, the magical quality depends on the ingredients.
    Example: You insert 2 diamond swords with the magical quality magical and rare.
    You now get 1 diamond sword out of this with new modifications, it's magical quality varies between magical and rare.
    There is also a very slight chance even to upgrade the quality to the next level, mystical
    Magic Luck has a positive effect on this chance to upgrade the quality, but i will not go into the details in this guide.
There are new recipes added to the traditional way:
  • Armor + Ice Charm = Armor with Strength or Mind Numb
  • Armor + Fire Charm = Armor with Intelligence or Armor Pierce
  • Armor + Lightning Charm = Armor with Dexterity or Damage Return
  • Armor + Wind Charm = Armor with Dexterity or Critical Flux
  • Armor + Earth Charm = Armor with Vitality or Block
  • Armor + Wild Heal = Armor with Mana Regen or Luck
  • Armor + Heal = Armor with Mana Regen or Physical Damage Reduction %
  • Armor + Focused Heal = Armor with Life Regen or Magical Damage Reduction %
  • All armor and charms must be magical or higher
  • The tier of the armor and the charm must be the same
  • The armor will be the same type of armor (possible variance on magical), with a guaranteed stat above depending on the charm type used
  • The armor must be in 1st slot, charm in 2nd
If you want to know what possible mutable items are worth, check this guide:

Farside's Sc Ls Muteable P/c Price Guide

8. Well of evil

In this well there is a very old and strong monster resting till eternity until some idiot ( you smile.gif ) throws a normal (plain) item that you have found some time before
into it and wakes it up. So well, how would you react when sleeping for a while and someone wakes you up suddenly? Right, you do quite the same as the monster, attack the intruder and beat the hell out of him. So beware, it may be a lot stronger then you. If you beat this monster, you will receive a nice bunch of experience and the normal item you have thrown in suddenly has a rare+ quality. This is a nice way of getting nice and expensive items, but remember you have to beat the monster, otherwise you receive nothing but death (if you do not run away) and the item is lost. And the monsters will get a lot stronger while you level higher and you need better gear to be competitive.

Important: Current changers on wells:
  • Well monsters now correctly use the pre-generated item that is spawned as their equipment
  • Well monsters have been adjusted to be level appropriate to both the character level, and the item thrown in.
    For example, if you are level 1, and throw in an item from a level 30 monster, it will spawn a monster at approximately level 30!
    If you are level 30 and throw in a level 1 item, it will spawn a monster at approximately level 30.
Because of the recent changes, the loophole of welling high level items at level 1 is eliminated.
It is no MUCH harder to well items because the well monsters become stronger due to this fact.

Up to know, caster charms have turned out to be more effective against the well monsters, but a 100% success chance is nearly impossible.
The only way to secure your success, is investing in very powerful gear, which will cost a lot.

Melee characters should go for life leach, to keep their life pool regenerating during the battle and a high ee weapon.

If you feel you do not have any change to beat the well monsters, stop trying it with your promising wellable items.
Transfer them to your mule character e.g. until you have better gear.

For more help concerning wells, check this guide:

Enter The Well Of Evil

9. Shrine of Mu'rakar

This shrine is a possibility to gain life and mana outside combats, it is a kind of life and mana potion.
Click the symbol and drag and drop a magical+ item inside. You will now gain a number of life and mana added to your pool.
If the item quality is higher, you gain more, but before you throw something inside, you should think about if it may be worthy
and better used for muting or for putting it on the market place.

10. Guild points and master quest
    What is a guild point?

    Guild points represent the activity in ladder slasher of different guilds and its players here on the forums and determine the position in the d2jsp guild list. More guild points represent prestige, an active guild and a strong company.

    What happens if i leave a guild?

    The guild points will stay in the guild and you will not see them in your personal profile any more.

    How to get guild points?
    By attempting the masterquest, this is possible from level 71 onwards (any time after you have reached level 71)

    How many guild points do i receive for a passed master quest?
    • One of the 4 basic characters -> Samurai - 2 guild points if pass
    • Samurai to Paladin - 5 guild points if pass
    • Paladin to Monk - 6 guild points if pass
    • Monk to Ninja - 10 guild points if pass
    • Ninja to Warlock - 12 guild points if pass
    • Warlock to Headhunter - 25 guild points if pass
    • Headhunter to Alchemist - 30 guild points if pass
    • Alchemist to Reset Ladder - 100 guild points if pass
    • If you do not pass, you get 1 guild point at least and 1 more for every unlocked character class later on
    • Numbers are doubled in hardcore
    What happens after the masterquest?
    The character is rerolled to level 1 and if you pass, the next secret character is unlocked. If you fail, you will just be rerolled to level 1. In both cases you keep all your items and get the guild points as written above.

    Do i get full guild points if i passed the mq and play a previous class?
    If you have passed e.g. to Samurai once and pass with a feeder class on ANOTHER character, you receive the full guild points.
    If you have passed e.g. to Samurai and decide to do the next climb as feeder class again on the SAME character, you only receive 1 guild point either if you fail or pass, as you unlocked the Samurai already for that character.
    Additionally, death penalties and experience reductions will count as if you play the Samurai

    What is the master quest like?

    You will have to find out yourself and make your own experiences. But always remember: You do NOT need any gear or an high end mouse, this
    quest all depends on your faith and a tiny bit of luck.

    When is the ladder reset?
    If a player manages to unlock all classes and passes the masterquest with the last one. All characters are rerolled to level 1. But you keep all items.
    A reset on softcore does not affect hardcore and the other way round.

    How long does a season last?

    Due to the changed game mechanics, it is impossible to predict the next reset, but as long as their is no alchemist you are certainly save
    and even an alchemist is not a guarentee that a season will reset soon these days.
    • Season 1 > 11/15/06 : Reset by tcby (Season lasted 81 days)
    • Season 2 > 12/12/06 : Reset by Sgull (Season lasted 28 days)
    • Season 3 > 1/30/07 : Reset by olbaid (Season lasted 49 days)
    • Season 4 > 3/10/07 : Reset by Aktak (Season lasted 39 days)
    • Season 5 > 9/05/07 : Reset by kewbie (Season lasted 179 days)
    • Season 6 > 12/09/07 : Reset by Perez BOT, stole my reset (Season lasted 95 days)
    • Season 7 > 4/06/08 : Reset by Ryanrules (Season lasted 119 days)
    • Season 8 > 6/07/08 : Reset by Intel(Season lasted 60 days)

11. Accessory charm

How does it work?

You equip it by drag and drop the charm in the accessory charm slot in your inventory.
So you can use 2 charms at the same time, but the do not work in the same way:
The acc. charm does not give any stat points and and its effectiveness is reduced by 25%
You may use this charm to attack, but it is not very effective.
You should rather use it to heal yourself:

Choose the charm by clicking on its image or hit the hotkey "a" (red box around it when used)
Now click on your name and you will heal yourself.

It does not work?

Remember, you can only use this charm during a combat and it costs mana like every charm, so no mana = no heal.

Can i use it also as a main charm?

Yes you can, and it is even more effective here.
The main charm works with 100% and has all the advantages shown, of course.

These healing charms exist:
  • Wild heal: Small minimum heal, high maximum heal. huge difference
  • Heal: higher minimum heal, not so high maximum heal. medium difference
  • Focused Heal: higher minimum heal, medium maximum heal. small difference
  • Healing with these charms is the only way to regain life in the catacombs, so it is VERY helpful there
  • Also monsters may use these charms and heal themselves
  • Hint: Especially as a melee char you may fight against level 1 monsters and use this heal charm until your mana is empty. This speeds up your life regenerating periods by far
Check this guide for further reading:

Acc. Charm Explained

12. Catacombs (multiplayer)

The catacombs are the place were to fight against many monsters with your fellow slashers.
You can either open your own party and play alone
wait for other players to join you ( up to 5 players each party in total )
Or you join another existing party.
Note: The level range from the creator of the group is +/- 3 levels.
If you want to play with your guild mates only and dont like others to join, active the guild only button.
When the party is lower then 2 players, e.g. because the others leave or die, the party is dissolved and you get to the main catacomb screen again.

There are two basic ways of playing here:

The classical way is chosen by activating the "no explore" button. Monsters will spawn in numbers from 1-9 and strength in a linear rising order making it harder room for room.
Each of the total 9 waves will be harder spawning an additional monster, but you will be rewarded with better drops and experience.
The group creator can: Summon the monsters by clicking the engage button.
They are in comparison harder than a single monster in the maze, but give more experience.

The new way is the maze. You can explore the labyrinth by moving the arrow keyson your keyboard.
If there are more players in a party, the game creator will do this and the others watch.
With every step surprising things may happen:
  • Randomaly spawning monster(s) in any number
  • Stronger Boss monsters
  • Teleporters that spin you to another place on the map
  • Trap doors that bring you to a harder level
  • Treasure chests
  • Healings
  • and more
The experience each monster is lower, but especially in a good party you can do really long lasting runs discovering the whole map, get a lot of experience and items.

  • Front ( F ]: likely to be target of the monster(s): Position for tank chars with nice def and life, e.g. barbarian, guardian, fighter
  • Middle ( M ): not that likely to be target of the monster(s): Position for rogues
  • Back ( B ): not very likely to be target of the monster(s): Position for magicians or rogue casters or people who run out of life.
You can NOT regenerate your life and mana in the catacombs between fights or by modifications like life steal, life/mana regen, life/mana after kill/attack
The only way to heal is using heal charms, also to heal others.

If you are about to die, leave the party by clicking the leave button.

Kick players with the command /kick PLAYER

Bonus for same guild ONLY parties: +1% Experience and +1% item drop bonus each guild member.

New Items to be found only in the catacombs:
  • Potions can spawn with various + stat(s).
  • When used, they permanently add those stat values to your character, until he rerolls in any fashion (by choice, Master Quest, or Ladder Reset)
  • Totems can spawn with other special stats, that are also permanent. The same rules above apply, if applicable.
  • For guild points totems, these are permanent using the same rules as GPs gained through the MQ
  • Potions and Totems can only spawn in multiplayer
  • Potions can drop in any room, but have a higher rarity in the first 8 rooms
  • Potions and Totems can drop with less rarity in the final room. Totems are much more rare than potions, even in the final room
GENERAL drop rate of items is increased by 50% over Single Player drop rate
Leechers will gain less or no experience, and not be able to pick up items that drop.

  • /who now displays how long ago (in seconds) the user did they last action.
  • /msg *ACCOUNTNAME Message goes here
  • Where *ACCOUNTNAME is the users d2jsp account name.
  • /list characterlevel to search for other online players in your level range
  • /dnd to diable private messages if you want to slash in privacy
Check this guide for more information:

Beginners guide to Multiplayer

13. Proficiencies:

What is a proficiency?

Simply put, the more you use a weapon/charm, the better your abililties with that item are!

The experience for a weapon class does not depend on the amount of kills, but on the usage ( total hits )
So especially in the early levels, you need more character levels for 1 proficiency level up,
as you kill most of the monsters with 1-2 hits already.

What bonus do i receive ?

For each point in a proficiency, you receive 1 enhanced effect for this type.
E.g.: You use axes and your proficiency level rise to 1. ALL axes you use will have additonal 1 EE.
This is a PASSIVE feature, so this will neither show up in the weapon stats nor in the character stats.

Why doesnt my proficiency rise? I even loose experience!!

The experience you need for a proficiency level up increases with every prof level you already gained in there.
As written above, it depends on your level / the monsters level how many hits you do.
When your proficiency is on level 4, you will not receive any experience before your character level is at least level 4, too.
Very important for the kamikaze players: If you die, you loose proficiency experience of ALL proficiencies, so take care and rather run!

What about healing charms, i cant hit enemies with them?

They work a little different, but generally spoken if you heal yourself or others actively
with the same type of healing charm, you gain experience as well

How long can you keep the proficiencies?

They work only on the character itself, you can not transfer them to other characters.
If you die, you loose experience. Proficiency levels do NOT get lost if you attempt the master quest,
re-roll the character or change to another character class.
Proficiencies are now consistent and will not reset when the ladder is reset either.

14. Fishing and Cooking:

Fishing is another way to gain items that recover life and mana - fish

You can use a rod that dropped e.g. in the catacombs or choose a loaner.
Watch out when you found a rod, if it breaks, its lost. A loaner will be provided free anytime.

The aim is to catch a fish before it can escape or your rod breaks.
Thus, always check the upper bar, it should not run to zero. The other bar represents the fish, if this is zero, you got the fish.
You should not click onto the fishes health barlike mad to reel them in, but do it slow with some strategy.
Everytime the SNAG! appears, you have to counter the action by clicking the Snack button.

The more you fish, the higher your fishing proficiency rises and you can try to catch a higher level fish.
With no experience, you should usually go for level 1 or 2 fish.

According to what is know at the moment:
Level 1-4 fish: maximum of 50 life, mana, or combined.
Ex. Magical Fish - Heals 50 Life
Level 5-9 fish: maximum of 100 life, mana, or combined.

You should check this guide for some more information on fishing:

Fishing - A Guide For All Of You

After you catched some fish, you may cook them in order to increase their effect.
Basically, this works quite the same as the fishing.
The top bar represents the temperature, if this rises to the maximum, your fish gets burned and its effect lowered.
The bottom bar represents the cooking level of your fish, the best effect would be a 100% cooked fish.
You can only cook fresh fish.

Cook in the same way as you fish and when the FLAME! appears counter it by pressing the Flame button

15. Glyphing:

You may take gear you found to this place in order to create Glyphs out of them.
This means, you can use this item afterwards outside combats in the same way as a fish or comfrey,
but in this case you receive the modifications of this item also in battles for a certain amount of time as if you equipped it.
Points of the same modification do not stack up, but you can use several glyphs with different mods of course.

Choose an item you want to glyph and start the process.
3 messages can appear: Transfuse, Purge, and Inscribe
As soon as it appears, hit the corresponding button. If you fail or are to slow, the stability of the item loweres.
If it hits zero or you abort the process, its lost.
You can gain proficiency skills for this process as well, this is important to glyph higher level items.
Whenever a ??? appears instead of one of the messages above, your skill level is most likely to low for the item you want to glyph and you have to guess.

You can read much more about this over here:

Skitty's Guide To The Glyphing Chamber

16. Thanks:

All authors of the guide collection who provided their time, effort and knowledge. THANKS.

Paul (njaguar) for the great game itself and all the updates.

Paparick for moderating the thread and all the help

the ladder slasher community

and all readers of this guide

I can not take any responsibility of the correctness of this guide.
There may be typos, wrong information our simply an error at my side.
I did my best to prevent this to give you the information as secure as possible, but I can not exclude any errors unfortunately.

Thus I would be happy for any (constructive) feedback and improvement proposals to make this guide a little better.
Do not hesitate to post your opinion here, but I would like please you to do this in a friendly and helpful way.

If there are any questions concerning the guide or something else, feel free to pm me about them.



Open for feedback, questions and more

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