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Sep 29 2008 06:39pm
Skitty's Guide to the Glyphing Chamber
With help from Latias!

I. Introduction
What is Glyphing? It is a new skill in Ladder Slasher where you can attempt to "Glyph" a Magical or above equipment item. The result is an Glyph, that will give your character bonuses for a limited amount of time. The bonuses and time is entirely dependant on the item you Glyphed. A nice addition? Definitely! I have composed this guide to aid you on your path to become masters at Glyphing.

II. Preparations - What can I Glpyh?
You can Glyph every equipment item (Weapon, Armor, Charm) that Magical or higher.
The only exception is if the item is Magical, and it's only enhancement is Enhanced Effect.
This means you CANNOT Glyph the following:
-Non-Magical (White) Equipment
-Magical Equipment with EE
-Fish or Fishing Poles

III. The Art of Glyphing
Here, Latias will teach you the Art of Glyphing!

It's important to note that sometimes, even if you click the right one, the Glyph Progress will seem not to move. Just like hitting for zero damage in the Arena, this is probably just another case of unluckiness. Don't worry, it's not glitched, and you're not lagging. You'll know if you're lagging when nothing appears for a while, and then you see stacked red words and a Magical Stability of 0.
Sometimes, when this happens, you are tempted to click the counter again. DO NOT do so. It will result in an 'error' and deduction in your Magic Stability.

IV. The Proficiency Factor
Like almost everything else in Ladder Slasher, the more you do something, the better you get at it through Proficiencies. Although the Glyphing Proficiency does not state a specific bonus, here are the things I've noticed if you Glyph the 'Prime' items (described later) of the rank before:
- You will see fewer !???!'s
- Your Magical Stability should be able to take more hits, meaning you'll be able to mess up a bit more
- Glyphing Progress bar jumps more when you click the right ones

It won't be a huge difference, like you can all of a sudden start Glyphing Tier II items without trouble with just a Rank 1 Proficiency. It does make it more likely to happen though.

Now then, starting at Rank 0, you will see the bar as xxx/1000 (xx%) when you roll your mouse over the Glyphing proficiency. Each Rank after will see a 1000 increase in the experience requirement. Meaning a Rank 2 needs xxxx/2000, etc.
You do NOT gain any proficiencies if you fail at Glyphing, contrary to popular belief. You must be successful, and only then will you get a certain value to your Glyphing experience. On the bright side, you don't lose any experience if you fail at Glyphing (now THAT would be harsh..) How much does your experience increase? Below I have a list that is currently being worked on:

(If anyone has any information to fill in what I don't have, feel free to send it to me. I'll be updating this as I go along.)

V. Success! Now what?
If you've successfully completed a Glyph, congrats! You now have a Glyph with the same magical qualities as the item you Glyphed. Meaning, if you Glyphed a 10 Dex, 2 Life Steal, Tier II Sword, you now have a Glyph which would look something like..:

Rare glyph II
Use Item to Receive Effect
Effect Duration: 10 minutes
+10 Dexterity
+2% Life Steal

As the item states, simply drop it into "Use Item" or Control + Left Click it, and you get the specified bonuses for 10 minutes!
One thing to note is that Enhanced Effect no longer gives more damage or defense. Instead, it enhances the duration of the Glyph.
This is thus far up to speculation, but the Effect Duration of each item is (5 Minutes X Tier x (100 + Enhanced Effect) / 100)
Meaning, if the above Glyph had 20 Enhanced Effect, it's duration would be 12 minutes, instead of 10.

Another note on the using of Glyphs. A player cannot simply go onto the Market place, buy 100 +1% Life Steal Glyphs and expect them to stack. Sadly, from what I have seen, you can only use one Glyph of a certain enhancement at one time. After you've used the first one, if you use a second Glyph that has the same effect somewhere in it, you will be unable to activate it.
For example, you cannot activate both of these at once:

Rare glyph I
Use Item to Receive Effect
Effect Duration: 5 minutes
+5 Dexterity
+1% Life Steal

Rare glyph II
Use Item to Receive Effect
Effect Duration: 10 minutes
+10 Dexterity
+2% Life Steal

Only the first one would activate. But you could use another Glyph like:

Rare glyph II
Use Item to Receive Effect
Effect Duration: 10 minutes
+10 Strength
+1 to 4 Life per Attack

along with it.

Another thing thus far up for speculation, but most probably true, is the level requirements on Glyphs. I am pretty sure that a Tier IV Glyph will have a Level 5 Requirement, a Tier V Glyph will have a Level 10 Requirement, and so on. Along with the enhancements passed from the item onto a Glyph with a successful Glyphing, will also be the Level Requirement.

VI. Tips and Tricks
Now then, you want to get started in Glyphing, but don't know what you should do? Here's a tip for going easily to Rank 1.
Reroll your Glyphing character to Level 1. Fight monsters, pick up Magical and Rare Tier I items. After you've collected a decent amount, Glyph them. Then go back to fighting. Once you hit Level 5, reroll your character. Rinse and repeat. In no time, you'll have your first Rank in Glyphing proficiency!

How about for the futures? What if you don't feel like rerolling your character?
Well, you know all those junk items you complain about finding in the Catacombs..? Yeah =P The Catacombs is a great way to find potential Glyphing items. I also recommend you Glyph "Prime" items if you wish to increase proficiency. Sure it'd be awesome to get high level Glyphs.. but if you're failing all but one in a hundred, you aren't really going to get a better proficiency. Now then, if you're, uh.. financially well off, and wouldn't mind spending a bit of FG, you could easily go on the markets and purchase "Prime" items to glyph. This would be faster, trickle down FG to the poor(er), but leave a dent in your own bank.

Don't give up!
This, much like a lot of aspects of Ladder Slashers, is very dependant on luck. You may have failed 3 !???!'s in a row, but you never know.. you could get lucky on every one after that! I've had cases where I've only a sliver of Magical Stability remaining, and a long way to go for the Glyph Progress. In the end, I still managed to Glyph the item! If you give up early on thinking it's hopeless, you'll definitely fail.

Be patient! Expect lots of failure!
Sometimes victory will be taken from your grasp with 3 !???!'s in a row when you're one away from finishg a Glpyh. Well, it happens. Just have to be patient and never give up!

VII. Ending
Well, that's basically all I have for you. Good luck on your Glyphing!

-This guide was written by Skitty@d2jsp with information obtained from the Ladder Slasher character, Latias. (And perhaps in the future, individuals of the Ladder Slasher community who helps give me information.)
-I am not responsible for any possibly faulty information in this guide.
-I will do what I can to keep it up to date, but I get pretty busy in life sometimes.
-I am not responsible for any damage one does to their computer because of Glyphing. That blame goes to Njaguar.
-I am not responsible for any empty Forum Banks for those who decided to buy otherwise useless Tier I Magical items.
-Background image for chart used in "IV. The Proficiency Factor" was created by Shaymin@deviantart, all credit goes to her, not me.
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Sep 29 2008 06:40pm
Nice guide! I'll read through this in a sec.
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Sep 29 2008 06:42pm
Decent guide.
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Sep 29 2008 06:43pm
nice guide
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Sep 29 2008 06:44pm
good guide
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Sep 29 2008 06:44pm

at Level 0 a legendary tier I gives 1%
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Sep 29 2008 06:52pm
Is the sexy cake smile.gif
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Sep 29 2008 06:55pm
Nice guide smile.gif

Mystical tier I with level 0 proficiency gives 1% (went from 40% to 41%)

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Sep 29 2008 06:56pm
Nice guide, I hope this will finally stop those waves of "LO L HOWZ DO I GLIPOH??????" topics, lets keep it bumped -.-

also, as far as I remember, angelic glyph at 0 prof gives +1% and lasts for 5mins.

/e; angelic tier 1 ofc.

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Sep 29 2008 06:56pm
This has all the ingredients for guidehood, good job smile.gif
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