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#1 Aug 11 2008 12:23pm
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In conjuction with the Rules Of The Political/religious Forum I've gone more in depth and more specific with tips to help you keep your discussion or debate going without getting off-topic, turning into a flame war and in the end getting it closed.

Why Am I Doing This ?

In this subforum there is alot of positive, intelligent conversation and discussion that goes on and I really enjoy reading and discussing. Alot of people use these forums for the right reason. On the other side alot of people don't know what these forums should be used for it is not a place for spam, it is not a place for vulgar language and immature behavior. It is a place to dicuss your Religions and Political thoughts and anything else that could be related.

I've noticed alot of topics get creared, get off topic right away then get closed. This is a clear waste of your time and the moderators time so I'm going to post this because it will make things even more clear for people who aren't getting it.

How To Make A Good Debate

Choose a discussion topic that you are educated in or if you are not do a bit of research to make sure you have some good facts. If you are asking a question or searching for peoples opinions and views be clear in what you are asking and always make sure you are communicating properly. Don't use vulgar language for this is insulting to people and will get your topic closed and you can't hold a debate in a closed topic. At the end of your post perhaps provide some links to your resources make sure they are safe links that would be/are approved by a moderator, your topic will get closed and you will get warned if you provide an unsafe/inappropriate link. Remember to always speak clear and again avoid the " Lexicon Of Losers " ( The use of foul and immature language ).

Five Common Sense Tips :

1. Know what you are talking about and bring proof and backup to prove your points
2. Don't become angry and upset if someone disagree's with you, this is a debate forum so prove your point ! Generally there are is no right or wrong because they are mere opinions
3. Keep it clean, too often someone disagrees and the user will turn to flames and curses to "prove" their points. You can debate and discuss effectivley without being rude and ignorant.

Examples Of Useless Threads : ( Hundreds More )

Examples Of What Threads Should Look Like : ( Hundreds More )
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