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Aug 10 2008 08:14am
Hi everyone!

I know, it's only been a few days since 1.08, but I just couldn't wait any longer. 1.09 is simple too cool to not give to you guys.

I have added Proficiencies into the game, after having planned this since the beginning. What is a proficiency? Simply put, the more you use a weapon/charm, the better your abililties with that item are! Even better, these proficiencies stay with your character even through rerolls and MQ attempts! They are reset upon a full ladder reset, however.

To access the new proficiencies, simply press 'P' or click the "Fist" icon at the top middle. It should update real time, so you can even leave it open if you want.

Enjoy guys! smile.gif

PS: I will leave the details for you guys to figure out, don't want to give it all away. wink.gif Who can be first to the (current) top level proficiency in an item? biggrin.gif The race is on!

For the visually oriented types:
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Aug 10 2008 08:14am
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Aug 10 2008 08:14am
Some1 doesn't want me to get to MQ now ohmy.gif

Lets hope for something nice happy.gif
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Aug 10 2008 08:14am
BIG THX PAUL biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
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Aug 10 2008 08:14am

Edit: THANKS for the release smile.gif

This post was edited by AlexSmith on Aug 10 2008 08:16am
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Aug 10 2008 08:14am
Hehe, n1 :>
Way coool man.

This post was edited by kabraxis6 on Aug 10 2008 08:16am
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Aug 10 2008 08:14am
Oh wow. Time to check out the new goodies!
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Aug 10 2008 08:14am
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Aug 10 2008 08:15am
Thanks smile.gif
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Aug 10 2008 08:15am
ahah wicked
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