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Aug 6 2008 08:27am

Added five new heavy weapons:
- longsword, warhammer, battleaxe, spear, polearm
- These heavy weapons can only drop in MP (the stats below can spawn anywhere) -- they can be used anywhere once found/bought
- Do double damage, more damage, but are slower

Added five new magical stats:
- Heal Mastery; total amount adds to the effectiveness of a heal charm used
- Power Shot; % chance to do max melee damage
- Glancing Blow; % chance to evade melee attack, which then does base damage
- Mana Skin; % chance to absorb some, all, or none of the damage taken (melee or magical). Calculation is based upon current mana remaining vs. damage being received
- Jubilance; smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif

Viewing class ladders now does not factor in their MQ successes, only their experience on that class. Only the overall ladder will factor this in.

Also fixed a few bugs and issues.

Enjoy and have fun! biggrin.gif

--Make sure it says 1.08 on the login page, if not, clear cache/refresh.
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Aug 6 2008 08:28am
PS: первыйнах

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Aug 6 2008 08:28am
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Aug 6 2008 08:28am
WOW biggrin.gif
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Aug 6 2008 08:28am
Awesome!! So nice Paul. Good job. wink.gif
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Aug 6 2008 08:28am
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Aug 6 2008 08:28am
finally biggrin.gif

so wtf is the smiley face for in the splash? lol

This post was edited by Mattopia on Aug 6 2008 08:30am
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Aug 6 2008 08:28am
i cant wait!
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Aug 6 2008 08:28am
thank you man smile.gif
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Aug 6 2008 08:28am
Thanks boss wink.gif
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