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Melee Rogue Guide

Why Pick Melee Rogue?
~ Cheap Items
~ Simple Gear
~ Short Regen

Bad Points
~ Not so good solo
~ Low life/ mana

The Rogue is a natural melee character as it starts with high str/dex, but not a solo melee character due to its low life so it cant take much damage before dieing unless you get life steal items. Due to the introduction of catacombs this characters has become a good character to start with, and make fg with

Starting Stats

Spending Stat Points
First 10 into strength the rest into dex


The rogue is the only feeder class that uses staffs for melee so that means staffs are cheap!
Staffs are good for critical which is good as the rogue starts with 60 dex
At level 1 try and get 50+ EE
Every 5-10 levels try and get an extra 10% EE on the weapons (every 5 levels if you have enough fg)

Rogues can use 3 armors, Robes, Leather Armors, Scale Armors. Robes are best if your low on fg, however they have low defence so you will take more damage, leather armors and scale armors cost a bit more fg, but are much better as they have mid defence. You will need different stats on your armor depending on what level you are;
~ Level 1 – 25 Str
~ Level 30 – 55 Dex

The reason for picking str at start is that at low levels with 50+ ee on your weapons you wont need to do many crits, it will only take 3-5 Hits to kill the monsters
From level 30 to MQ Dex is better then str as the monsters have lots of life and you will want to kill them as quick as possible and dex is the easiest way to do this.

Level 1 icon_pointr.gif Try and get at least 10 Str but 15 + Str is good This should take you to level 10-15
Level 15 to level 30--> Try and get at least 20 str, but if you get 25 str this will take your straight to
Level 25 icon_pointr.gif If you only got 20 str at level 15 try and get at least 25 str here
Level 30 icon_pointr.gif Dex time Try and get 30 dex here
Level 40 icon_pointr.gif 35 Dex here This should take you until you get a MQ Armor
Level 50/55 icon_pointr.gif 40 + Dex here this will carry you to MQ

Here you get the same stats as armor but you don’t have to worry about what type you get smile.gif

Leveling is fairly simple
Level 1 To 20/25 icon_pointr.gif Depending on your gear you should solo to level 20/25 I will take around 1.5 Hours to 3 Hours
Level 20/25 To 71 icon_pointr.gif This should mainly be done in catacombs, you might be able to do it solo, but safest way is in catacombs, this can vary from 8 Hours to 15 Hours depending on if you have a good team or not

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