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Jul 6 2008 01:36pm
Please note this is a guide only prices do change as demands change and i based this on when items are put on marketplace not threads(threads almost always get lowballed)

Each new Update will have a date when it came out at top of 1st picture

Low price = 1-2 day sales when put on mp @ price (this is the price I highly recommend as price do fluctuate and your item may not sell if prices drop if put at higher price )
High Price = 2-7 day sales when put on mp @ price

Input is appreciated and will help me adjust prices as they change but please make this input in terms of #'s not qualitative criticism

This is based on that tier I an II muteables are worthless

Legendary+ under level 20 should continue pricing trend
Legendary lvl 20+ should be the only muteable that require a thread

A super sexy special thanks goes to Ragnaroks for hosting images on his server allowing updates without a new post

If unsure if your item is a muteable or if its mods actually have value and/or use refer to this guide below written by MyAddiction

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Jul 6 2008 01:38pm
thi should be stickied for easy access
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Jul 6 2008 01:39pm
Yes i agree that this should be a sticky, nice job done
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Jul 6 2008 01:40pm
I hope this gets sticked, but not under a topic, in the main page.
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Jul 6 2008 01:40pm
Chris you are always a busy bee with these guides.

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Jul 6 2008 01:54pm
i hope it gets stickied
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Jul 6 2008 02:03pm
Thanks for the guides dude. I love them wub.gif

Omfg prices went way down ohmy.gif
Quote (Pimper @ Sun, Jul 6 2008, 02:10pm)
Go Sticky!

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Jul 6 2008 02:10pm
Well done Chris smile.gif

Go Sticky!
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Jul 6 2008 02:11pm
Looks better now then before. wink.gif
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Jul 6 2008 02:16pm
I don´t agree with those prices, sorry...

It´s gonna help people find an estimate price for their mutables but some of the prices there are not accurate.. For example level 55 axe arcane... Worth more then 125-150
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