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Jun 24 2008 11:38am
Please do not ask for "sticky" as each edition will come out before a 30day topic track will expire

Its time for a new updated guide as old one was getting a lil out of touch with recent updates and rash of people going back to D2

Please note this is a guide only prices do change as demands change and i based this on when items are put on marketplace not threads(threads almost always get lowballed)

Low price = 1-2 day sales when put on mp @ price (this is the price I highly recommend)
High Price = 2-7 day sales when put on mp @ price

Input is appreciated and will help me adjust prices as they change but please make this input in terms of #'s not qualitative criticism

This is based on that tier I an II muteables are worthless

Legendary+ under level 20 should continue pricing trend
Legendary lvl 20+ should be the only muteable that require a thread

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Jun 24 2008 11:40am
Thanks, you're the man. biggrin.gif
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Jun 24 2008 11:44am
gd update
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Jun 24 2008 11:48am
gz bier.gif
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Jun 24 2008 11:50am
very great job smile.gif

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Jun 24 2008 12:11pm
Ncie bro!!! you tha man! nice to see the detication for up dating.

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Jun 24 2008 12:18pm
awsome banana.gif
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Jun 24 2008 12:28pm
Finally someone keeping their promises wink.gif Awesome mate smile.gif
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Jun 24 2008 12:30pm
Thanks, finally someone who keeps updating their guides biggrin.gif
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Jun 24 2008 04:17pm
i think i mentioned it before, but again good work! this will help all those slashers who murakur everything because they dont know values. -ive come across several in multi who say they dont need "junk" level 55 items until i tell them value.

im sure there are tons who have already benefitted.

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