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Jun 9 2008 07:35am
Beginners guide to Multiplayer

Ok so you just got logged into ladder slasher and want to play with people instead of being alone well then this is the guild for you tongue.gif

Once you log in and have you character selected your screen should look like this.

Just click the black doorish thing to start off

once you have done this your screen should look like the image below

Now you may wounder which button to press and what the screen means here they are defined
1) To use this button you click on the group you want to join in area 6 of the s/s and then click this button to join a group
2)Click this button if you don't want to join one but want to start a new group out instead
3)Check this box if you want the game you make to be only of people composed of your guild
4)Click this to refresh the list of games with open spots
5)click this to exit the multilayer area and do something else
6)This is the area where all games that are open will be though to refresh it you must click the refresh list button

ok now that you are in a game or created one you should have a screen similar to this minus the monster

As before heres what the screen means

1) you only have this button if you are the game creator/party leader but you press this to start the round off
2) you click this button to go back to the game selection screen
3) you check one of these to determine were you are in taking damage and such
Front ( Will take the most hits best for tanks )
Middle ( this is best used for melee chars that arn't the tanks )
Back ( This is best used for Casters )
generally melee characters take the front and middle while the casters take the back
4) this is were the other people that are in your game are shown along with the health and mana they have remaining
5) This is where the monster or monsters will be after you have clicked or the party leader has clicked the engage button for that round


What are the advantages of multiplayer?

1) you normally will gain more xp in multiplayer then on single per monster kill.
2) some items drop in the catacombs that don't drop in single such as potions
3) There are acturaly other people to play with instead of being all alone

What levels can join my party?

you can only join a part that you are within 3 levels of ether way

so if you were level 5 for instances the person creating the game would have to be one of these levels
2 3 4 5 6 7 8

So what is the changes each round?

after each round one more monsters spawns
round1 = 1 mob
round2 = 2 mobs
round3 = 3 mobs
round4 = 4 mobs
round5 = 5 mobs

and after that even if you got there your party is normally almost completely dead

Who should make my party if we are a decided group already?

The highest level is normally the best because if a level 30 is in a game with a level 27 his xp could possibly be next to nothing

I think thats all feel free to add something if i missed something tongue.gif
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Jun 9 2008 07:36am
Is this just for multiplayer?

Either way it looks like it could help some people. Gj wink.gif
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Jun 9 2008 07:36am
Very nice. bier.gif
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Jun 9 2008 07:38am
Quote (MyAddiction @ Mon, Jun 9 2008, 09:36am)
Is this just for multiplayer?

Either way it looks like it could help some people. Gj wink.gif

yeap just for multiplayer

and ive always wanted to write a guide to something so i wrote the only one i knew how that one didn't already exist for
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Jun 9 2008 07:38am
Quote (M4nze @ Mon, 9 Jun 2008, 15:36)
Very nice. bier.gif

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Jun 9 2008 08:13am
Quote (M4nze @ Mon, Jun 9 2008, 09:36am)
Very nice. bier.gif

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Jun 9 2008 08:20am
Nice, although I thought multiplayer was pretty self explanatory, esp after reading njag's sticky.
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Jun 9 2008 09:23am
Think can help some people smile.gif

Well done wink.gif
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Jun 9 2008 09:30am
looks nice, but the images are way to big imo tongue.gif
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Jun 9 2008 09:33am
will add this to the guide collection update, much appreciated smile.gif
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