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Jun 9 2008 03:06am
How to login to Ladder Slasher? Version 1.01

As some people might still have problems, here is a small guide with pictures to help new players getting into Ladder Slasher.
  • Visit the Ladder Slasher Site

    You can find this link here in the d2jsp forums anytime in the top right corner:

  • Log in with your ordinary d2jsp account, password and gold password

    • If the password is not correct and you get disconnected at once:
    • check if the caps lock key or any special letters are used, this will not work.
    • check, if you got the current version of Ladder Slasher. You see the version in the bottom right.
    • check/update your flash player
    • if there are still problems, this might be related to your ports

    • If you do not have the current version, reload the site (F5), if this does not work,
      close the browser and open it again or clear your cache (CTRL + F5)

  • If this is all working well, click the login button. Welcome to Ladder Slasher.

As you can see, there is a maximum number of 8 characters total.

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Jun 9 2008 03:07am

You got 5 different buttons here:
    1. Create button: Here you can create a new character.

    • Choose a character of your choice by clicking the special line. You see the list of characters you can choose and what items these may use.
    • Write a unique name for your character into the box
    • A click on the box named hardcore creates it in the hardcore mode, this means if you die once your character is permanently dead and all the items on it as well!
    • If you are ready, click on the create button
    • If you do not want to create a character, click the cancel button. You get back to the main menu.

    • If you created a character, you can choose your new character now by clicking on its image in the main menu. A selected character will turn red.
    You now have 4 options what to do:

    Click again on this character to log in to ladder slasher with it.
    Note: If you switch chars, there is a small delay until you can log in again.

    2. Delete Button: This button PERMANENTLY deletes the selected character and all the items on it.
    Make sure, you really want to delete this character and that there is nothing on the character you might need later on.

    3. Reroll button: This button rerolls your character to level 1 if you enter the text "REROLL"
    Note: This can not be made undone if you did this accidentally or changed your mind!

    What is reroll?
    • your character is set back to level 1
    • your character class is open
    • you keep all your items
    • when you use the

    4. Change Class button:
    You can choose a character class and log in again, your items are in the inventory.

    If the ladder is reset by someone, ALL characters are automatically rerolled to level 1.
    Just choose a new character class to log in. You will keep all your items!

    Note: Do NOT delete your chars, they will be gone and the items on them, too!

    5. Log out button: Logs you off from ladder slasher, you get back to the titel screen.

    Message Box: Any kinds of system messages will be shown here, e.g.
    • if you are connected/disconnected from the server
    • search flood on market place
    • numbers of searc attempts per session exceeded (simply log off and on again from ladder slasher to search again)
    • full inventory
    • if the server will be shutting down soon
More beginners guides will be released soon, i appreciate any kind of helpful feedback.



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Jun 9 2008 03:07am
Long password ;o
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Jun 9 2008 03:10am
Quote (pikustan @ Mon, 9 Jun 2008, 21:07)
Long password ;o

very hard to guess >< damn!
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Jun 9 2008 03:14am
Good job.
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Jun 9 2008 04:07am
Good work, even though I dont know if anyone really have problems with this - its quite easy to understand:o
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Jun 9 2008 04:14am
Quote (Aveign @ Mon, Jun 9 2008, 11:07am)
Good work, even though I dont know if anyone really have problems with this - its quite easy to understand:o

You can't imagine how much people are asking this question daily in the donation thread.
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Jun 9 2008 05:06am
nice work german m8 wink.gif
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Jun 9 2008 05:07am
Good work, as always tongue.gif
Nice guide.
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Jun 9 2008 06:19am
Great help for teh noobs!

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