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May 30 2008 11:50am
What, pray tell, is The Well of Evil?

Let's explore this question today.

So, you've put in a hard day's worth of work, slashing and slicing, swearing and dicing, and now your pack is just full of shit with no mods! How irritating. So you hear about this special well, and go to check it out...

When you enter the Well of Evil, you see this little sign posted. The sign is made out of a 500 ton bite-sized chunk of obsidian, and the bones of badasses much bigger than you used to chip out the words you read still litter the ground.

"Beware! The Well of Malevolence carries a deep curse within its depths. Do not put anything in the well, for fear of angering the dark underlords that dwell within!"

Bah! You think to yourself, this'll be a piece of cake! And what do I have to lose? After all, I just killed myself five whole monsters between regens! So you grab some random gear with no special properties out of your pack and toss it in...

And suddenly you're rushed by the biggest, meanest, ugliest thing you ever saw! You hit it once, and it hits you...


Oh shit, you think to yourself, was this such a good idea?

But you persevere! For you cannot let this monster survive! You do, after all, have the most gigantic testicles in the history of the eternal war against funky-ass-named monsters!

Well Mechanics

Level: The monster will be your level plus one, or the item level of the item you throw in, whichever is higher.

Reward: If you succeed in killing the monster, the item you drop in will always be the item you receive, but rather than being plain, it will now have magical mods, with a minimum of Rare magical level. As of Ladderslasher version 1.05, there is now also a possibility that a second and even a third item may drop as well. The items that can drop as bonuses are restricted to the tier that would drop for your level plus one, and can be anything from plain items to unique.

Gear and Stats: The stats of Well monsters are not known, at this point, though you can expect that it will usually be a bit higher on all counts than the average mob. The gear is also a mystery, except that whatever item you throw in, the well monster will be wearing it… With the mods the item will spawn with, should you succeed in killing the well boss.

Item Levels: There seems to have been a lot of misunderstanding here, so I feel this needs to be clarified. Below is the list of items and their item levels. Note that item levels are not the same as the requirement level to wear the item.
Tier I: Level 1
Tier II: Level 5
Tier III: Level 10
Tier IV: Level 15
Tier V: Level 20
Tier VI: Level 25
Tier VII: Level 30
Tier VIII: Level 35
Tier IX: Level 40
Tier X: Level 45
Tier XI: Level 50
Tier XII: Level 55
Tier: XIII: Level 60
Tier XIV: Level 65

General Tips and Information

Welling at Low Levels: In previous versions of Ladderslasher, the best way to well for the average slasher was always at low levels. You would save up your best gear, and after attempting the Master Quest, you would toss those high leveled items into the well, and if you threw in a high level weapon, you might just receive a mod along the lines of 200% or more Enhanced Effect. However, while you still have the ability to attempt this, it’s really not recommended. The monsters will spawn at the item level of the item now, and they will also use the item that spawns. Suffice it to say, very few level 1 characters can compete with a level 65.

Welling After Level 70: Another tactic that was popular in previous versions of Ladderslasher was to wait to well the great items until level 71 or higher. The justification for this was that the highest monster level is 70, therefore while your stats grow after 70, the monsters will never become more difficult. With Ladderslasher version 1.05, many of the well monsters as of level 71 have as high as fifty thousand life, and do critical strikes against your character in excess of two thousand damage. Suffice it to say, the legendary Natester may perhaps survive such a monster, but the average slasher? RIP.

Caster Welling Tips

So you’re a caster, and looking to stomp a mudhole in the ass of every well you see, eh? Here’s some helpful things you might like to consider:
1. Many well monsters have intelligence nearly as high, or even just as high as you do. Further, you’ll many times hit on the lower spectrum of your charm range than normal, when facing the well.
2. Wells hit for very high amounts of damage when they crit. The more shots it takes you to kill a well monster, the higher the likelihood you will die.
3. If you’re a true caster, you can’t hit with a weapon for damage worthy of actually surviving the counter shots the well will hit you with.

Taking this information into mind, here’s my advice regarding your caster build, if you wish to be able to defeat wells consistently:
1. Use consistant damage charms. Ice is the preferred well-killer, then Earth. Fire is ok if you have a lot of life boost from your gear, but it’s stretching it. Lightning and Wind? You’re fucking crazy if you think that you’ll be consistant in your welling ability.
2. You do need some life. You do not need a lot. Standard caster build, meaning anything above 30 vitality is fine, don’t waste any stat points on it beyond that, is perfect. Every stat beyond 30 vitality should go into intelligence. No exceptions.
3. Do not waste time with life gear. Your charm should have very high enhanced effect, with the best secondary mod being intelligence, and third being mind numb. Armor and weapon stats should focus on intelligence, secondarily on mind numb, and after that maybe mana per kill, life per kill, mana per combat round, mana syphon, etc. Life is a neat add only if you won’t be sacrificing one of these other, more important stats. Afterall, if the monster can take 2000 damage in one critical hit, what’s a few hundred life, compared to killing it before it can get that hit in?
4. Intelligence intelligence intelligence. As much as you can. Also as high of enhanced effect on an Ice or an Eartch charm as possible. It’s all about “kill the monster before it gets off that crit that kills you.”

And there you have it, those are the keys for building yourself a welling caster.

Melee Welling Tips

Read the caster welling tips and try to reapply. Here’s some help though:
1. Armor is a big miss on most people I’ve seen complaining about their inability to well. They seem to be wearing robes and light leathers. You’re melee. You have the ability, for at least the first three classes, to wear high level, high defense scales, chains, and plates. Take advantage of that!
2. Dex, St, Dex, Life steal, St, Dex. Get it? You need 200+ dex, 230 would be even better, to have any true hope of critting wells consistently, and with enough damage to actually hurt them. Unfortunately, for your regular shots to do decent damage, you also want to have around 80 strength as a minimum. Life steal? Well, when the bastard crits you, life steal is what keeps your heath high.
3. Consistant Damage truly is a key. Axes, daggers, and possibly staves. If you only do damage to the monsters for the crits, what happens if you don’t crit? The more consistant damage weapons give some assurance that you will bit able to take it down to the point where the crits matter.

Well Guide Version 2.0 – Written by InsaneBobb
Version 1.0 Located Here: http://forums.d2jsp.org/index.php?showtopic=6388834&f=272&st=0

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May 30 2008 11:51am
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May 30 2008 11:52am
You should write a book smile.gif
Made me laugh alot~ was awesome

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May 30 2008 11:52am
Thanks for tips biggrin.gif

e/ Ofc natester success @ well with his stuff ^^

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May 30 2008 11:56am
nice, thanks, even if i dont have even a little problem welling atm
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May 30 2008 11:56am
The people that are able to read this in 2 minutes are extremely fast.
Or just spammers.

Nice guide, so to speak.
- Good job. smile.gif

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May 30 2008 11:57am
yup -- cheese -- limburger, i believe
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May 30 2008 11:58am

It has some nice tips in there. Not to bad. smile.gif
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May 30 2008 11:59am
nice one, thanks for this smile.gif
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May 30 2008 11:59am
Summary: Better gear = better chance of killing well.
Good information nonetheless. Some might find it useful
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