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May 6 2008 09:24pm
A Guide to Ladder Slasher (LS) Trading Success

I would to thank The Ladder Slasher community for inspiring this guide. Please glance quickly over the Glossary of LS Terms below.

How to Make Forum Gold:

-Kill monsters and take their drops, use the Well of Malevolence, transmute items: some of the
items you find or transmute can be sold for Forum Gold.
-Read and use the Price Check Threads provided; they will give you an idea of the values for different kinds of values.
-Buy low, sell high, and predict, spot and follow market trends as soon as possible.

Trade Manners:

-Follow the Forum Rules and follow the Trade Rules.
-Do not change a DL or a BIN; do not back out on a DL or a BIN, as a buyer or a seller. This will damage your reputation. If people bid in the last minutes of a DL, consider giving them 2-5 minutes extra time per overbid in case bidding exceeds the DL, but communicate clearly.
-Do not shadow bid. A shadow bid is a bid that is made to influence the price of the item and is made without any intention of actually trading for the item. This is related to Price Fixing.
-Do not use misleading Price Checks or proxy bids (someone else bids secretly for someone else). This is related to Price Fixing.
-Do not bid or accept bids w/o enough current Forum Gold capital.
-Do not put items in a trade thread that you do not intend to trade, unless in your first post you state that certain items will not be traded unless adequate offers are made. This prevents people from investing their time, energy and resources (Forum Gold) in your items when they could be doing other things with them.
-Provide a perm link for items you trade, along with a description/picture of their modifiers.
-Try to avoid PM's to make private deals: everyone deserves a fair chance in trading.

A Major Controversy:

A lot of people have complained about putting their items on the Market Place (MP) with the purpose of xfering or transferring those items to another person, and then having them stolen. While the majority of LS community members find the practice of taking times obviously meant for xfers from the xfering parties objectionable, it is not against the rules and it is not considered theft or
Scamming. The site does not officially support xfers, and part of the reason behind this is that item stockpiling is discouraged. Items taken from MP are traded, not stolen. You can make a post to say that you are missing an item and that you would like it returned, but posting that the item was stolen is in bad taste, and is not factual.

It should be noted, however, that members who do take items from MP that are meant to be xfered and get caught may receive a lowered reputation within the LS community. This is especially so for members who deliberately and repeatedly search for items being sold at values much lower than their actual value.

Glossary of LS Terms:

DL: Deadline. This is a deadline on offers that will end at a specified time.
BIN/FT: Buy It Now/For Trade. This is an amount that, if made, will be accepted as a final and unconditionally winning offer.
ee/EE: Enhanced Effect. This is an item modifier. Look out for similar terms (LS is Life Steal, for example).

Have fun trading! biggrin.gif

Special thanks to ~Devil~ for suggesting I clean this Guide up in an edit smile.gif

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