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Jan 12 2008 06:54am
So , as everyone knows the newest Version of Ladder Slasher is now up ! It is a very exciting time for this game ! But with major changes comes a period of time where we must adapt to these changes . I want each and every one of you to consider something for a minute before you post anywhere else . Consider the fact that this new version is only a prelude to bigger and better things that all of us have been asking for ! Right now , except for some minor changes in Guild Points earned for Master Quests , and the major change of Real Time Battles , the game follows almost the same exact principles that the older version did . In the near future , there will be new ways of earning guild points, new skills for the different character classes , and Multiple Player functions so we can play together !! And that is only the tip of the iceberg !!! Here are a few frequently asked Questions you have been wondering about. I would like everyone to please stop trying to suggest changes , and assume that the best is yet to come . Play the new game and get used to it , because it is here to stay !! Thanks everyone for your patience !!! hug.gif

General FAQ By ragnaroks


Q: Will the Older Version of Ladder Slasher ever be available for us to use again ?
A: No , the new version has replaced the old version of Ladder Slasher . Dwelling on the past will get us nowhere .

Q: Will making suggestions about changes to the New Version of Ladder Slasher do me any good ?
A: At this time , njaguar is concerned only with making sure all the bugs are fixed and the game runs smoothly with little to no lag. Making suggestions about changes will not be considered at this time , so please focus on playing the game or finding bugs that we can fix !

Q: How many guild points do I get when I pass a Master Quest ?
A: Feeder Class -> Samurai - 2 Guild Points for a Pass
Samurai -> Paladin - 5 Guild Points for a Pass
Paladin -> Monk - 6 Guild Points for a Pass
Monk -> Ninja - 7 Guild Points for a Pass
Ninja -> Warlock - 8 Guild Points for a Pass
Warlock -> Headhunter - 9 Guild Points for a Pass
Headhunter -> Alchemist - 10 Guild Points for a Pass
Alchemist -> Reset Season - 100 Guild Points
All failed attempts at Master Quest still yield one guild point

Q: Why were the Guild Point Earned for a Pass changed ?
A: Primarily to give people more rewards for playing the game as it was intended . The higher the class you play and pass , the more guild points you will receive .
In the Near Future this game will have multiple other ways of earning guild points , so there is a very good reason for the change . So be patient , you will see !!

Q: Can I get a fight log to see the experience I am getting and how much damage is being done ?
A: No, at this time a fight log is not part of Ladder Slasher .

Q: How can I get a perm link for items in my Inventory ?
A: You can get the stats for your items two way . One way is to go into your LS profile on jsp and copy the stats , or you can also go to the Pub Chat in game and drag and drop the item into the Chat Box !

Q: How does the changes in Dexterity affect my character now ?
A: Dexterity still functions the same way it always has except the value of Dexterity degrades as you get more. This means that Stats like Strength and Vitality are now more important and Dexterity is not as overpowered . This has been a balance issue for some time now , but Dexterity still allows you to hit and run first and deal large amounts of critical damage !

Q: Why is it so easy to kill monsters now ?
A: It was made easier so the majority of Slashers can kill more and Regen Less ! This will enable most of the community to have more Fun and do more Master Quests !

Q: Won't the Leet Players go too fast now since Monsters are so easy to kill ?
A: No , actually the Slashers with the best gear will now take considerably more time to reach Master Quest because the Real Time on this new version is Four times Slower between attacks than the Old version was . What this does is balance the game so the Leet slashers go slower , and the new to Good Slashers go faster !!

Q: Is there a possiblity that we can have turned based fighting as an option too ?
A: No , this Real Time Game Play is an essential part in the future developments in the game .

Q: If I have a question , who can help me ?
A: Myself , Datis , and Paparick are all here to answer any questions you may have to the best of our ability . Any Bugs you have found can also be sent to us so we can relay the information to Njaguar .

I have many more things I could add here right now , but I don't want to make it too long , or none of you will read it laugh.gif Give this new version some time , I promise you won't be disappointed !!! wub.gif

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Jan 12 2008 06:57am
ty buddy smile.gif
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Jan 12 2008 06:57am
Yes, this is just a springboard into the future. Imagine if I changed it all in one shot, the shell shock you'd all have. Just relax, and enjoy it, that way the upcoming changes won't feel so overwhelming.

[edit] My priorities are what Nate stated. Today I am going to focus on rewriting some segments of the server to isolate areas that can get laggy, so that they do not lag the server for everyone else (only that user). Once I get this done, I will resume work on new stuff (rapid development ++!!)

I'll probably have player grouping testable on our beta server before the end of the weekend. biggrin.gif

[edit2] Oh, and THANKS NATE! smile.gif
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Jan 12 2008 06:58am
thanks nate smile.gif
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Jan 12 2008 06:59am
Thanks nate,for awnsering some questions smile.gif

more changes,i'm curious laugh.gif
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Jan 12 2008 07:00am
Thanks for making this faq topic, nate smile.gif
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Jan 12 2008 07:01am
Very nice Nat heart.gif biggrin.gif

seems like the gp info Hevial and I made was correct biggrin.gif
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Jan 12 2008 07:01am
Nice ty nat bier.gif
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Jan 12 2008 07:03am
Thanks, but will it allways be so white?


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