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Jan 11 2008 12:55pm
Hello everyone!

I am pleased to present you with a free enhancement to the game Ladder Slasher!
The client (and server) have undergone some major upgrades that should enhance gameplay and make the game more enjoyable.

New features:
- Enhanced user interface and graphics!
- Everything is real time, including combat!
- Chat, private messaging, and other misc commands
- Keyboard driven commands (to open stats/inventory)
- Drag and drop functionality for numerous features of the game
- Improved marketplace search criteria options
- All new monster and item graphics (by gener8ion)
- Monster difficulty decreased by more than half
- Guild affiliation displayed on the ladder!
- and more!

This version has been undergone much testing, but there is still much left for me to do. I decided to go ahead and release now, because I believe this version is a huge upgrade from the current version, that will offer much more enjoyment. I have removed PvP from the game, for the time being, due to new features coming down the road later that conflict with this. Sorry to all those that were avid PvPers.

The future:
I have many more things planned for Ladder Slasher. This new version is merely a stepping stone into the future. I will post more details in the coming weeks/months, as I have them, but for now, I hope you enjoy this new enhancement!

Thanks to everyone for their support, slash on!

To play Ladder Slasher, simply click this link:

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