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Quote (ItsLotd @ Thu, Dec 20 2007, 01:30am)
** Remember: this FAQ is for beginners! I'm trying to keep it simple, for those questions that every one that starts up asks!**

Ladder Slasher Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What do the Well of Malevolence and the Shrine of Mu'rakar do?
The Well of Malevolence spawns a boss monster when you sacrifice a non magical weapon ( i.e. iron sword. Non magical means no prefix). If you beat said boss monster, it drops a magical item (i.e. Angelic iron sword. Magical means it has a prefix, this prefix can be anything from magical to unique) of the same type that was sacrificed ( i.e. iron sword > angelic iron sword. base item is always the same). This monster also has a higher experience worth. Normal monsters give 0-50,000 exp, Well monsters give 0-100,000 exp.
The Shrine of Mu'rakar allows you to sacrifice a magical item (any item with a prefix, i.e. angelic iron sword) and it regenerates your life and mana (regens about 100 life and 100 mana per item sacrificed). You can NOT sacrifice non magical items to the shrine.

Q: I am level XX, and im having trouble killing... what do i do?
Normally the answer to this is get a better weapon (if melee) or a better charm (if caster). Rule of thumb is, if you are a level 15, you should be using a lvl 15 wep / charm to kill. often a regular item at any given level will do more damage than an EE item at a lower level. If you have a tier 1 sword w/ 30 EE that you are using, but you are level 10, you would be much better off using a regular level 10 wep with no EE. If you are not sure if one wep is better than another, try calculating the average damage of the weapons and comparing them (the min dmg + max dmg divided by 2). Getting new weapons/ charms for every 5 levels will help you immensely when you are trying to level.

Q: Does Enhanced Effect (EE) on my armor or charm add damage to my sword?
No, EE only effects the item that the stat is on. EE on weps add to the sword's dmg, EE on armor adds to the defense of the armor, and EE on charms adds to the dmg of the charm.

Q: I am trying to go through the game without spending Fg... is it possible?
Yes, although you must have patience and be willing to grind through levels with self found gear, it is possible. When you are beginning, it is best to re roll your char a few times once you get to tuff spots. if you are level 10, and can only kill 1 out of 4 enemies, it is often best to re roll to level 1 and try again. More kills = more drops, and a higher chance that you will find something that you can use. Keep grinding and you will find yourself at MQ!

Q: How can i find good items? i don't seem to find anything good!
Item drop rates are rather low in LS, and it is common for only 5-10 items to drop per lvl gained, and that is counting non magical items. Also, unlike in D2, there is a stat cap for each level. What that means is, before lvl 5, you can never find an item with more than 5 Str, Int, Dex, or Vit. this value increases by 5 every 5 lvls. Similar caps are in place for all other stats, so in order for you to find a very good item, with high stats, you must be a high lvl. optimal magic finding range is from 65-70. These lvls allow you to have a chance to drop high stat items such as 200+ EE weps / charms or 65+ Dex/ Int / Str items. Also, if you are fighting monsters below your lvl, item drop rates fall DRAMATICALLY. if you are interested in getting good finds, ALWAYS FIGHT MONSTERS THAT ARE YOUR LVL. ** Magic Luck increases the chance of finding higher quality items (I.e. Angelic, Mythical, Unique) but it does NOT increase the amount of items that drop**

Q: I am killing alright, but i still level very slowly, what can i do?
If your items are decent, but you still feel its taking too long to level, the answer may be to invest in some regen gear. Only half the game is killing, the other time is spent regenerating before the next fight, and regen gear can often cut that time down dramatically. Each 5 levels your natural regen capabilities increases, but buying regen gear can help a lot.

Q: What does the transmutation box do?
The transmutation box is used to re roll items. It will only work if you use 2 items of the same BASE type, (I.E. magical iron sword + angelic iron sword). The resulting item will be a magical type item of the same base type. It is possible to upgrade or downgrade the prefix, but usually if you put 2 items w/ the same prefix that prefix will be on the rerolled item. (for example... if you rolled 2x magical iron swords it will normally give you a magical iron sword, but there is a possibility for getting a rare iron sword.)

Q: What kinds of items should i be looking for? what items are considered good in this game?
There are 4 basic types of items you should be looking for:

1.) Enhanced Effect items: These are weapons (of any lvl) that are above 50% EE (lower EE may sell, but 50+ is what ur looking for). if they are above 100% EE, they are worth a lot (a 100EE club at lvl 25 sold for 300 Fg for example).
Also, EE charms are worth a fair amount. Lightning is less expensive, but fire and ice charms sell for good prices. EE armor is nearly worthless unless it has other good mods!

2.) Stat items: Here you are looking for Dex/Str Armors or charms, or Int Armors or weps. Int charms or Dex/Str weps aren't worth as much because the stat is on the item that it helps, so the benefit you receive isn't as good as a nice EE item would be. For lvls 1-30, you are looking for 30+ stats on those items. 20+ will sell as well, but not as quickly or for as much. Lvls 30+ should be 40+ stats, but again, 30+ items will sell, just for less. An exception to the above would be very high Int charms or Str weps. Str or Int adds 1.05% EE to weps and charms (respectively) so if you have a sword that is lvl 15 and it has 45 Str on it, it actually has about 47% EE, and so would be useful.

3.) Extra Item Slots: These items allow chars to carry more, and are worth the most when the lvl req is 0-10. higher lvls are useful, but don't sell very well. Typically you want +4 EIS on a lvl 0-10 item for it to sell, and 5+ for higher lvls. you'd be amazed at how much a +10 EIS robe at lvl 0 would sell for! ( 1000 fg +++ easily ! )

4.) Regen items: Again, lower lvl req items are worth more that higher lvl items, but you are looking for about 5+ for life or mana regen items from lvls 0-15. +3-4 items will sell, but more slowly. At higher lvls you want to have at least 6-7 magic or life regen for it to be good, but 5-6 items will sell as well. ** Regen items can be any type (wep, armor or charm) **
*** Items are partially PC'd by how many of the 11 chars in the game can use said item. So, a robe (which can be worn by all 11 classes )with the same stats as a heavy armor (which can only be worn by 4-5 classes) will be priced higher than the heavy armor of the same stats. The exception is charms, every class can use every type ***

Q: How do i get GP's for my guild?
To get a GP, you must attempt the Master Quest (MQ). MQ can only be attempted by characters that are lvl 71 or higher, so you have to get there first! You are awarded 1 Gp for a failed attempt, and 2 or more Gp for a pass - depending on which character has passed the MQ. For both fail or pass, your character gets rerolled to lvl 1. if you pass, you unlock the next secret character (the first secret char is samurai, followed by paladin, and so on) and you can lvl w/ that character. You MUST beat MQ w/ the highest secret char that you have access to to unlock the next secret char! If you pass MQ w/ the last secret char (alchemist) you reset the ladder and gain 100 GP for your guild. The reset causes ALL characters on LS to re roll to lvl 1 (yes including your chars ) and back to the starting 4 char classes.

Q: What is the MQ like?
MQ is actually a randomized quest. The odds of passing are 1 in 6. You don't need good gear to beat MQ, in fact you could do it w/ your lvl 0 gear if you wanted. Everyone has an equal chance of passing, whether you grind through w/ 20 fg gear or whipped through like lightning w/ 20,000 fg gear. If you would like more details im afraid you will just have to make it to MQ and find out for yourself !

Q: How do I sell items?
When on the main menu screen of LS, there is a link called "The Market Place". Once you are in the Market Place (MP), there will be an arrow symbol next to each of your magical items (items with prefixes. Items w/o prefixes may not be traded!). If you click the arrow, a trade screen will pop up where you can input how much you want the item to be sold for, and a place to put your forum gold password. After you have filled out these 2 boxes, you press "Sell Item", and then "Put item on Market". After this point, the item will be shown on MP searches and can be purchased by other players for the posted price. If you desire, you can lower the price of the item after a period of 24 hours has elapsed since you put the item on the market initially. There is a fg fee for sales on the MP, (5%), and this fee is taken after the sale (for trades of less than 20 fg), or before the sale (for trades of more than 20fg). If you put an item up for 100 fg, Jsp will charge you 5 fg WHETHER OR NOT THE ITEM SELLS. Upon a Ladder Reset, all items on the MP will be returned to your characters, but the fee will not be returned.

Q: How do i get PvP points?
PvP is not part of LS V.02.

Character Build FAQ:

Q: What char should i start with?
Well, it really depends on what kind of char you like. You can reach MQ with any of the 4 starter chars if you know how, and each has its pro's and con's. I often tell people just starting that they should go with a Magician or a Barb, because the gear for these chars is the cheapest.

Q: Ive decided what char i want to use, but what build should i use?
There are only about 6 basic builds for chars. These builds are time tested and work well. Roughly sketched here they are:

Magician - Int build.
this build requires that you put 10-15 of your first stat pts to Vit, and the rest go to Int. This allows for good Charm damage and lots of magic to cast spells. Cons - You always have 2nd hit in battles, you have lowish - medium life, and if you run from enemies they will often hit you before you can flee. Magicians can only use robe armors.

Rogue - Dex build. This build requires that you put 10-15 of your first stats pts to Vit, and the rest go to Dex. This allows for good chance to critical hit, and you always get first hit in battles. The highest damages hit in LS have been Dex rogues. You can also run without having to worry about getting hit in the back as you flee. Rogues can use all weapons. Cons - Crit hits are unpredictable, especially if you use a sword as a weapon. You could hit for 0 or 4,000... you cant predict it. You have lowish - medium life.

Rogue - Int Build. This build requires that you put 10-15 of your first stat pts to Vit, and the rest to Int. This allows you to use charms as a rogue and get good damage. benefits include: you can wear leather armors, you start with higher dex and Vit. Cons - you start with lower Int, so your magic totals and your magic damage will be lower than with a Magician. Rogues can only use robe / leather armors

Fighter - Int Build. This build requires that you put 10-15 of your first stat pts to Vit, and the rest to Int. This allows you to use charms as a fighter and get good damage. benefits include: you can wear all armors, you start with higher Vit. Cons - you start with lower Int, so your magic totals and your magic damage will be lower than with a Magician or Rogue.

Fighter - Dex build. This build requires that you put 10-15 of your first stats pts to Vit, and the rest go to Dex. This allows for good chance to critical hit, and you always get first hit in battles. You can run without having to worry about getting hit in the back as you flee. Fighters can wear all armors. Cons - Crit hits are unpredictable, especially if you use a sword as a weapon. You could hit for 0 or 4,000... you cant predict it. You have lowish - medium life. Fighters can only use swords / clubs / axes.

Barbarian - Vita build. This build requires you to put all stats to Vitality. This allows for the maximum amount of life, and very high defence. Str gear is very cheap. Vita barbs will look for Str stat items to increase their damage. Cons - Damage will be low, regen times will be high, and battles will last longer.

Like i said, these are the basic builds, but feel free to experiment with your own builds, maybe yours will take its place w/ these in the future

Special thanks to: Spak, Dooder, Woodee, Guild Afterlife, and all of you who kept asking me these questions! Also: Paparick- you made this possible.

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As everyone knows, Ladder Slasher got a very new modification : Hardcore.
Its all about a separated realm for those who got a hard core and spirit to play this game.
For most its to take up a challenge in Ladder Slasher as they never did before.
Here are some questions and answers you might have now.

Q: What happens when my Hardcore character dies ??
A: You are going to be disconnected and unable to log in on that charater again.
Your only option will be to delete it then.

Q: What happens to my items then ??
A: You lose everything!! This includes everything on character and market as well. A true HardCore death.

Q: What happens when Softcore resets ??
A: SC reset will not affect HC.

Q: What happens when i die on unlocked character classes ??
A: You go back to a starter class.

Q: Old rules said that we are not allowed to purchase items from the market, does this still remain ??
A: NO! These rules were actually made to simulate a separated realm on original.
Now you can buy anything you want on HC market just as you do it on SC.

Q: I read this FAQ what else is differing from the Original Ladder Slasher ??

Q: I still have a question, anyone to ask ??
A: Myself! and Natester17 , Datis , and Paparick are always helpful good addresses for serious asking about LS as well.
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