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Dec 7 2007 06:43pm
How Much Did You Pay For That LS Item?

by WhirlingDervish


I've noticed many slashers don't keep immaculate sales records for their items.

Come on we are gamers. biggrin.gif

I've also seen many suggestions to add a way to track item sales in our gold logs.

I'm here to tell you "There is a way!" smile.gif

After figuring it out and testing it some, I am now going to show you.

Finding the Item Number

First left click on the item and click perm link.

A new window will show up with the items base stats.

Here is an example perm link, http://ladderslasher.d2jsp.org/viewItem.php?i=1180861&o=37850.

Notice the part of the URL highlighted below.

That is the item number and it always is after the i= and before the &o=

You will now be shown how to use that number to search your gold logs for the price you paid for it.

Finding the Item Price

Quick methods to do this are with the FIND feature and Google toolbar because they both find and highlight the item number.

I'm sure any other toolbar with those features would be fine also. smile.gif

First if you are going to use the find feature start it by pressing Ctrl + F.

Then copy/paste the item number into it like this.

If using the Google toolbar then copy/paste the item number into your toolbar then click the highlighter.

Then go to your gold logs. Forum Gold: XXX,XX

Then you have a couple of choices.
  • Search systematically by starting with the current month going back in time
  • Try to guess when you bought the item and start there.
All you have to do if you have a word find button is to click on it and look for a the yellow highlighted item number in the right column.

Below is a picture using the Google toolbar to clarify.

Looks like this item was purchased for 100fg.

This entire search took less than a minute. wink.gif

I hope all of you find this guide useful and easy to understand. smile.gif


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Dec 7 2007 06:44pm
Been using this for a while - but thanks for putting it together nicely. smile.gif
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