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#1 Feb 21 2004 09:10pm
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Known D2jsp Scams.

#1 When tradeing for Forum Gold you get a PM stateing "You Got Gold!". Read this carefully, and make sure you have the gold before you continue the trade. Look in your Gold Log, My Controls, Gold Logs (On left hand side of screen).

#2 Watch out for a account that was created recently, selling vey good items and very cheap for FG. If it is a new member use a Mediator.

#3 Check who sent you the PM/Gold, and make sure it IS IN FACT the right person.

#4 Softcore & Hardcore trades should be done very carefully or thru a Mediator. People may try to scam you by wanting Hardcore/Softcore items first then never deliver there part. Also all cross realm trades are the same. You should use a Mediator for these type of trades.

Known Battle.net Scams.

#1 If anyone say type /Dnd stop right there, its a SCAM.

#2 If you see a "I can Dupe Game". Dont enter always a SCAM.

#3 You see "MY Account Free" ect.. Its a SCAM.

#4 Someone who say's there a Blizzrd Rep is a SCAMMER.

#5 If your tradeing always have them move the item. Good chance you could get Scammed if you don't.

#6 Don't Download any "Dupe" "Ith Maker" "Maphack"<->(off any site but forward.to/mousepad). You will never find a real one just a virus.

#7 Be very careful what sites you go to. Unless you got a good virus scanner. There is auto-download Trojan's.

#8 Be wary of "Join a Clan" games. Most do tests to see if you "trustworthy". If they ask to test your trust, warn other's and get out.

#10 Never trade anything without useing the "Trade Window".

#11 Most people trying to trade the "Annihilus" and "Gheed". Be wary alot of people get scammed tradeing these.

#12 Be VERY careful if someone wispers you with "Guess Who This Is". If you don't know the account name. Say someone you dont know like "bob?" (Never say someone you really know). They will most likely say "YES" and from there try to scam you.

#13 Know what your tradeing and what your tradeing for. Alot of items only will be traded in a Unided form.

#14 If you trade for anything in a "Drop Trade" here's a hint NEVER do it in Act 2. Or you or the other person is outside.

#15 Always remember "Drop Trades" are easy for you to be scammed. Easy enough don't do it.

#16 "Drop Games" are scammers. Most useing some form of "Grabit".

#17 You will never have to type your "Account Name" and "Password" to save your account.

#18 Never play a "Game" with your item's in the trade screen.

#19 Alt + F4 Close's Diablo does nothing special.

#20 Becareful of new friends. Some could be just around to steal your items.

#21 Becareful of people selling there accounts they still can get the password.

#22 Also, You all should know this... Blizzard will NEVER ask for your Password.

#23 There is no such thing as a "Bugged Werts Leg".

Please If You Find Any Scams I Have Missed Please PM Me With It So All Others Maybe Warned.

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