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Jul 9 2024 03:12pm
hi folks, i got following problem:

My PC is not connecting to my home wifi. whilst this is happening, i can without any problems connect to my wifi with a laptop, with tablet and phone. the problem of not connecting only occurs to my PC. Actually, it is indeed connected to the router, whilst not being connected to internet.

this all does not make any sense to me.

restarting the router does not change a thing.
restarting the PC does not change a thing.

I tried connecting the PC to a hotspot i started with my phone and when connected to this network, my PC does not have any problem connecting to the network and internet.
no IPv4-connectivity, IPv6-connectivity

short summary:

PC connecting to router (+)
PC connecting to internet while connected to router (-)
Laptop, tablet, phone connecting to router and internet at the same time, while my PC doesnt (+)
PC connecting to hotspot provided via phone(mobile data) (+)

help :baby:

something that came to my mind but dont know if this could have any effect on the problem:
- im using a network repeater (enhancer) to enhance the range of the wifi provided by router

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Jul 9 2024 05:57pm
Sounds like you might be on an incorrectly set up static IP. On Step 4, select Automatic(DHCP) and it should work if that's the case

This post was edited by MrSK on Jul 9 2024 05:57pm
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Jul 10 2024 06:30am
Try doing a network reset as well should help
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