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Feb 9 2024 09:47am
How much do you have on Living Flame and what ratio are you looking for?
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Feb 9 2024 02:50pm
PM ratio living flame EU horde

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Feb 12 2024 09:37am
Quote (EntityDispleased @ Feb 6 2024 06:48am)

Gold SoD Season of Discovery Eu

WTS Gold for fg


Living Flame (PvP)
Lone Wolf (PvP)
Wild Growth (Normal)
Crusader Strike (RPPvP)
Lava Lash (RP)
Chaos Bolt
Crusader Strike

Stock: from1 to 300+gold depends on Server & Faction

Ratio: depends on Server & Faction

Ratio for Servers Listed (approx):

1 igg vs 25 to 60 fg

Min Trade: 50 igg

(1) Face to Face trade through the in game trading window (F2F)
(2) Mail (will sent you Delivery Proof)

Ratio in some cases is negotiable, pm me for the current ratio


Drop me Ratio and Stock WIld Growth Plz
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