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Sep 24 2023 12:02am
Quote (SamTheGuru @ Sep 23 2023 09:27pm)
I don't mean to offend but did you really expect a load of 20+ year veterans to be programming the game? The problem is corporate environments, monopolies and advertising/broadcasting.

I raised this about 15 years ago. Games are being created with a need for an end goal rather than a game being created as a consequence of trying to allow people to do things.

sadly, nowadays that end goal is how far the developers can bend over the average consumer

Quote (BlakeXeal @ Sep 23 2023 09:59pm)
Games are treated as investment vehicles for shareholders now and monetized six ways from Sunday. It hasn't been about fun for a long time for some of these corporations. They could care less about fun and only care about user engagement metrics.

Does the product force them to come back every day?
Does the product take them a long time to grind in order to promote paid skips?
Ad nauseam..

This is all cookie cutter by the book mobile phone gaming seeping into every crevice and facet of the industry. Ironically those are the exact type of games I avoid now though. I specifically look for good titles from smaller developers who aren't beholden to financial people. Smaller companies seem to have more innovation. They can let the creatives do their thing without constantly hounding them about structuring the base game around micros.

yes this is def really well said

i've been working on my own online arpg for a while now. the silver lining is this creates a gap for indie games to popup and get some love

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