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Sep 21 2023 11:27am
Invent a time machine, go back in time and never play d4 to start with.
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Sep 21 2023 11:45am
Sorry you had to deal with so much negativity in this thread.

Anyways, when I finished d4 I lobotomized myself so I could do two things.

1. Reexperience D4 in its entirety, nearly all the 10 hours of awesome content
2. Ensure that I was at the same mental capacity as Blizzard’s expected consumer.

I am now having problems peeing straight and remembering where toe, but d4 good. Highly recommend it.

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Sep 21 2023 11:50am
Do what you do in every other arpg.

Grind better gear to do harder repetitive content faster so you can grind more gear.

That is the arpg formula afterall.

Really that's the general PVE formula for every PVE game to be honest.

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Sep 21 2023 11:53am
I would just break D4 disk and go play tetris.
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Sep 22 2023 06:03pm
You won, don't waste time of min/maxing D4, at lvl 80 you can ez T100. Play a new game. BG3 can be really fun if you have a buddy to play with. Starfield was great for the first 40 hours then it gets really fkn boring, you spend more time fast travelling than anything and the interface is horrible.
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Sep 22 2023 06:09pm
Wait for 60$ expansion
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Sep 22 2023 06:33pm
Just finished PoE campaign, now what?

The real game begins.
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Sep 23 2023 12:11am
now you transition into a female and play the game as a female as intended.
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Sep 23 2023 12:12am
Now play d2r again make more fun :banana:
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Sep 23 2023 07:24am
Quote (UsEr_SeLeCtEd @ Sep 22 2023 11:11pm)
now you transition into a female and play the game as a female as intended.

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