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Nov 23 2023 12:05pm
Quote (vexxed56 @ Nov 22 2023 11:04pm)
Deadly strike is not critical and even if it was throw barb p much only has highlords because deadly strike on warshrike only counts for warshrike. Honestly im not gonna argue this to a pulp I think if this user manages to successfully replenish then sure maybe has use (not value) but to be honest im not sure whether chance to replenish would proc before or after it breaks. No need to call each other stupid I pointedly didnt in my post im not sure why you felt the need to escalate instead of just disagree.

Peace armor on barb, 2 sojs, highlords, Gface, gores, razortail, 9 mastery gcs, anni, torch

Successfully repped like 10 javs. Only lost one
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