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Apr 9 2023 08:18pm
Quote (Outraged @ Mar 26 2023 09:19pm)
And you are?
You sound like you are trying to pick a fight with someone you may not want to. 🤷‍♂️

So I'll leave this one alone for now...

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Apr 10 2023 01:55pm
Quote (izParagonzi @ 10 Apr 2023 02:09)
I did not read every post, but this is just my gist on death farming.

Get to 55-65 and kill off monsters for drops and kill your character before leveling up.

You want to find higher Tier White items to sell off, or Well, +6 (Arcane+) junk items to sell off to muters or use yourself during regen time in town.

You will need certain items, preferably with Magic Luck, you want to explore catacombs for Evil Presences in the chance of finding a great or godly drop to sell off or use.

Before Events and death farming, there were characters (Casters) that used to use the Well in town, they were the first death farming characters because the drop quality was awesome, and the MCC chain was around, so people had a Mage/Caster just for welling, and they died a ton of times.

Then people created EP hunters in catacombs, they would go in catacomb, spend 10-15 minutes hunting (exploring) for EPs and a Well, if they did not find any, they would re-create a new catacomb and start afresh, they would do this if they ended up in a dead end.

Now times have changed a bit more, so you incorporate some of the past with what is current... An event with +XXX number of EPs is a good way to start exploring new catacombs, if you get a crap catacomb, you make a new one, again you kill yourself off so you don't level up by accident, but you will get a feel for the catacomb you are exploring.

Now, it is up to you, use decent gear to clear off the Normal monsters and switch when you encounter EPs to +ML gear.

Muters with ML Gear will always have more benefits than a Deathfarmer.

Thank you for your input much appreciated 😁
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