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Mar 8 2023 06:58pm
hello all i bought this desktop prebuild im a noob but when comes to learning on my first well not my first but current new first pc for d2r i thought of playing just 1 account then it leads to more account to play on i.e. bo barb smiter in same game so on

however i have 2nd pc razor laptop that runs about 3 or 4 current (and its in upgrading process of 64 and 2 T i know bit overkill but i like it maxed out on my laptop.. now i am looking into my desktop that i got.. season 1.. 1 account at that time thought all i need to play i am so busy with life..

i bought prebuild Hp desktop

From bestbuy at that time (around 2 years old still run great for me for only 1 account or other games, but if i try run 2 d2r.. dead)

HP - Desktop -
AMD Ryzen 5 -
12GB -

so now i want to research to upgrade this desk top to 32 gb and 2 TB i think be fairly enough for this desktop i have look youtube, and studied myself i heard about bios config , among other things but i have not seen any compatible ram or ssd card

is there a list where i can find that says those items matches (fit on this desktop) not showing other wrong items?

i read up saying, it can be any brand but the size and operation system it can be limited to run on.. again im still learning not a pro builder

when i am fully understand maybe next year or two i will be building my own pc

now as for now i gotta deal what i have

razer 15 laptop is done researched and i have order parts and its on its way seems im learn fast with razor laptop in other hand Hp desktop is very picky on website i cant seem to dig spec- reviews- products which best to use or should stay away from what products

all i want to try to tweak just little bit of ram on my desktop, im not trying to blow this desktop to a fancy world gaming desktop that is not supported, again was only 1 account was run fine for me, i feel i want to run at least 2 i dont even think about run 3 anway but if that 32 gb would push me to 3 account fine with me

so question is from what i understand


8 gb stick
4 gb stick

1T gb stick

1. would i be able to replace two sticks to 16 gb sticks ( makes 32 gb)
2. would i be able to add slot (from what i read it should have open slot to add 1 or 2 TB)
3. would i need anything else if i add those two questions above (some say power supply... or it should run as it is)

i also have 8 fan cooling system (one pad) on it and its little bit elevated and temp is sitting at 56 degree with physical memory at its peek with 1 account, and i have almost 600 gb free and my room have window a/c where all my other pc's tv play-station other equipment like my power tools with dock charging stations and my a/c here keep this room cool temp average 65 degree.

i dont save any info on desktop no files no nothing just pure D2R and jsp.

lmk what can i improve and what brand-type that i can do or limit it can be done. i have never open up this pc shell but i am going to take a look but first need some homework/info before i get my hands inside that ok-so pc

again buying another pc or build one, not right now. i want to see if there any advice to tweak this desktop

any info share imk and ty
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Mar 12 2023 09:35pm


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Mar 17 2023 12:05pm
What is the mobo serial or make. That will let you find out the max ram you can use and any make that is ddr4 will do.. Also its recommended not to mix and match ram, it can sometimes causes problems. But this is not always the case. 32gb 2x16 should be fine. Also make sure that xmp is enable also if possible. Make ram fast

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