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#331 Jul 19 2018 04:07pm
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Quote (njaguar @ Jul 19 2018 12:49pm)
"I don't play hybrid builds, therefore it makes no logical sense".

Got it. You all want 1 or 2 cookie-cutter builds enforced on everyone. It's not happening.

There's so much going on in this thread I won't have time to read it all tonight :P .

Cookie-cutter builds is exactly the way it is. The way that the abilities were designed with 5 different types of interactions are brilliant and I love it! I'm just saying that all of the off-warlock abilities are all based on charging with weapon and they are all currently inviable. If you buffed them with the current mechanic I think it would make it more viable. Currently you will do very little damage if you go half melee half hybrid. I'm all for dynamics and personalization.

If I want to use X cast for example (which I've never once seen someone use), I have to charge with weapon and then cast. If I'm hitting with a weapon I need str or dex, if I am casting I Need intelligence. It is counter intuitive to have both because you will be very weak in both. Of course if here were more amazing hybrid gear out there it would be more viable but decent hybrid gear is EXTREMELY rare. This is why it is inviable.

Now, I don't off-class cast. I don't care about these abilities very much or use them. I am saying that if they were changed in some way, even with just a buff, more people would use them thus less cookie-cutter builds.

Thanks btw for all the participation in here. We all are loving it and this thread is Hot hot! :D . Please don't get mad at me, I'm not here to criticize, just to maybe have a slight influence on this new content to this updated version of ladder slasher that I spend so much time playing :D .

Quote (njaguar @ Jul 19 2018 02:52pm)
Objectives now complete and give the rewards. There are a few of them left that have special processing that need porting and testing, but the core of it is all there and done now.

Time to work on maps.

Since you mentioned rewards, I'm only here to hopefully make the game feel more rewarding. Having rewards make the quests a lot cooler. Is it possible to make the rewards slightly higher? I know that they haven't always had rewards. Let's say pinch of evil were 2-4 stats instead of 1-2. That wouldn't be overpowering in any way and would incentivize people to hunt quests, explore more and enjoy the game and the quest system. I realize that these are just ideas and nothing needs to be changed but having slight changes would be refreshing and rewarding which have nothing to do with forum gold.

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