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#21 Feb 13 2018 11:17pm
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Quote (Property_Damage @ Feb 13 2018 07:23pm)
(ill try tiny pic later, this is the best I could do with imgur)

oh i though it a pic of the jersey
take a pic of the jeresy when u get it

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#22 Feb 13 2018 11:28pm
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Yeah i didnt think to take a screenshot of when i was customizing it
Its got the WWII star on the front, its the black and olive green WWII colors, my psn name and jersey # on the back with a small american flag next to my name, its long sleeved like a motorcross jersey and it looks like its made of that dri-fit material Nike uses in alot of there sporting clothing
Ill post a picture of it when it arrives in about 6 weeks lol
I tried going on the shop call of duty online store but its not there and then it dawned on me, the email said exclusive jersey, so yeah, thats why i wasnt able to find one on there store to show you, exclusivity!
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