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#1 Nov 11 2017 06:24pm
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Hey guys,

I used to play quite a bit, then I took a several year hiatus. I am interested in coming back though, I left all my stuff out in null sec. I am sitting on quite a bit of stuff. Not quite sure the best way to go about selling it to the locals so I can jump clone out or something. What would be the best way to sell it? Sell it in the marketplace? or try doing a contract for the lot of it? I was thinking of trying to contact someone out here to help me move it, but not sure if that's even possible. Need ideas before I make a mistake and lose access to all this stuff. Can't undock or I won't be able to redock. Thanks!
#2 Nov 18 2017 10:07am
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Faced this last night myself.

New owners of where I'm docked and it's kill on sight.

Contracted ~200mil for 120. Better than it sitting rotting away or losing it trying to move.
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