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#1 Nov 11 2017 03:28pm
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Previous thread:

Since the price of the Arcanas on market has dropped quite a bit, I recreate this thread to update the price

Please Note:

  • If you need a different version (exalted, other gems, unlocked style etc), let me know, I might have them as well
  • As time goes on, prices might fluctuate according to the market, please always pm me for the latest price !
  • I've also got most of the (rare) immortals/lengendaries/Sets etc for sale, feel free to pm me :)

Legion Commander

Inscribed (or not) Blades of Voth Domosh, with random gem vs 2800 fg
Exalted Blades of Voth Domosh vs 3300 fg

Exalted Bladeform Legacy, with Omnislash gem vs 2750 fg


Fiery Soul of the Slayer vs 2650 fg

Phantom Assasin
Manifold Paradox vs 3000 fg
Exalted Manifold Paradox vs 3100 fg
Exalted Manifold Paradox full style unlocked vs 3500 fg

Fractal Horns of Inner Abysm, with default gem(Reflection's Shade) vs 3150 fg

Crystal Maiden
Exalted Frost Avalanche vs 2700 fg

Shadow Fiend
Inscribed Demon Eater vs 2700 fg

Monkey King
Exalted Great Sage's Reckoning vs 2950 fg

Exalted Tempest Helm of the Thundergod vs 2650 fg

Some other miscs:

Magus Accord vs 720 fg
Genuine Heaven-Piercing Pauldrons vs 1850 fg
Genuine Soul Diffuser vs 1500 fg

#2 Nov 14 2017 10:41pm
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ill take a monkey arcana and Bitter Lineage if you have it
#3 Nov 19 2017 11:02am
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got my 4arcanas quick . t4t
#4 Nov 20 2017 01:16pm
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bin sf and jugg arcanas, 5450 total.
#5 Nov 20 2017 02:01pm
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Quote (RabidRabbit @ Nov 20 2017 03:16pm)
bin sf and jugg arcanas, 5450 total.

#6 Nov 21 2017 02:19am
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t4t smooth trader
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